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Top 5 Jump Programs 2018

Top Vertical Jump Training Equipment List: Best Gear For Boosting Max Vert

Over the past year we have seen many exciting innovations in the vertical jump training equipment marketplace. Of course, using equipment to improve your vertical jump is by no means necessary, however, when used correctly can offer some significant advantages.The Ultimate Jump Training Aids Resource ListOur team has put this jump training resource page together […]

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Vince Carter Vertical: How High Could Vince Jump? + Training Analysis

Every basketball loving kid in the world in the late 80’s, early 90’s used to wish they had a vertical jump like Michael Jordan. However, when Vince Carter entered the league in 1999 the basketball community became overwhelmed with “Vinsanity”. He quickly took over the throne from “his airness”. It was his performance in the 2000 N.B.A. Slam […]

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Lebron James Vertical: How High Can Lebron Really Jump? + Training Analysis

Everyone used to want to jump like Michael Jordan.  These days everyone wants to learn how to jump like the 6ft 8in, 250+ pounds NBA superstar Lebron James. People have speculated that Lebron James vertical jump height is 40+ inches for some time, yet the exact details of his jump height have been murky.In this post we will […]

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