Air Alert Review: Does Air Alert Work? NO! Here’s Why…

After many requests from our valued readers we have decided to finally undertake a review of the Air Alert jump program. To be honest we are not big fans of Air Alert, as you will find out as you continue to read our in-depth Air Alert review. I actually tried it back in 2003 and ended up with severe patella tendonitis and shin splints due to the high volume of exercises included. However, like all of the other jump programs we have reviewed we decided to give an honest breakdown of the pros and cons of this popular (yet super outdated) jump program.

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Bounce Kit 1.1 Review: In-Depth Look Inside Jordan Kilganon’s Updated Jump Program

In this comprehensive Bounce Kit Review we will determine if Jordan Kilganon's Jump Program can compete with the current leading jump programs on the market. The release of a jump program created by the "greatest dunker in the world" has created a huge stir amongst the basketball community.  This really is exciting news for people who want to improve their vertical and one day jump (and dunk) like Jordan.

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Plyometric Exercises: Why Plyometric Training MUST Be Prescribed

Plyometric exercises must be included in your training regime if you want to optimize your vertical jump. Any respectable jump program will emphasize the use of plyometric exercises. There is both an art and a science to effectively incorporating plyometrics into a jump program. Let’s take a closer look at how plyos can be used to help you jump higher than you ever thought possible.

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