Vertical Jump Program Quiz: Find Your Perfect Jump Program


by Vertical Jump World | Last Updated on 07 May 2024

Sure you can spend time reading all of the free vertical jump training articles on our site to piece the puzzle together so that you can learn how to jump higher. 

However, sometimes it is just more convenient to purchase a pre-packaged vertical jump program that lays out the step by step plan to a higher jump for you.

There are currently many great vertical jump programs on the market. Most of the leading jump programs we have reviewed have proven to get great vertical jump results for those who can adhere to the full duration of the program.

Some jump programs require body-weight exercises only, while others incorporate a combination of strength training and plyometrics.

If you commit to the training principles included in most of these quality programs you will jump significantly higher in a matter of weeks to months.  

Feature Photo Credit: C-Town Throw Down, by Erik Drost, licensed under CC BY 2.0 (modified from original)

However, some vertical jump programs are better designed and more engaging then others. Jump programs that incorporate engaging interactive instructional videos and apps rather than boring text tend to lead to better long term adherence.

Better adherence to a program = greater vert gainz.

Some programs contain great science based content in one aspect of vertical jump training, yet are lacking in another.

The program that is best suited to you and your goals may be completely different to another person, even though you both want to improve your vertical jump.

Perhaps your goal is to dunk a basketball and yet another person may want to get better at volleyball specific jumping. Perhaps you have access to a gym/weights and they don't.

Ultimately there are many factors that will determine which vertical jump program is perfect for you.

We have created the quiz below to make it easy for you to find the perfect vertical jump program suited to:

  • Your specific situation and sport
  • Your specific goals
  • Your training habits
  • Your unique body structure,height and age
  • Your jumping type 

Take The Quiz & Find The Perfect Vertical Jump Program For You Now