Vertical Jump Bible : The 10 Commandments Of A Higher Vertical Leap



If you want to learn how to start jumping higher today simply follow these 10 vert enhancement tips and you will be well on your way.

You can consider these tips the 10 commandments of the vertical jump bible.

These proven jump training methods will help take your vertical leap to the next level.

All you have to do is bring the EFFORT!


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Vertical Jump Bible Commandment #1: Thou Must Not Avoid “The Boring Stuff”

Vertical Jump Bible Stretches

Many athletes who want to add inches to their jump just want to start doing heavy squats and fancy plyometric exercises.

Yes these are super fun and challenging however we must build up to these exercises.

The initial phases of vertical jump training are not as exciting, but are super important. It is vital to prepare the "vertical jumping muscles" for the demands to come by undertaking stability and mobilization exercises first. 

Two main areas of focus during this stage are glute activation and hip flexor elongation.

In fact by doing these types of exercises most people can add 4+ inches to their jump height in a very short amount of time.

Any decent vertical jump program should cover these concepts in the early phases of their protocol. A couple of great programs that do a very good job of this include:

Vertical Jump Bible Commandment #2: Thou Shalt Practice With Maximal Effort

Vertical Jump Bible Train Hard

To get better at jumping higher you MUST train with maximal effort.

Training with max effort will ensure you are recruiting as many muscle fibers as possible by sending a surge through motor neurons in your lower limbs.

Give yourself plenty of rest in between sets of jumps.

This is NOT a cardio workout.

You shouldn’t be huffing and puffing.

Avoid any program that has you doing hundreds of low intensity/height jumps.

Focus on maximal explosion for maximal results!

Vertical Jump Bible Commandment #3: Thou Shalt Not Go Too Hard Too Soon

Many athletes are so eager to start their vertical jump training regime that they just jump in and start doing a crazy amount of unorganized jump training exercises.

This can lead to poor results and even worse potential for injury.

This is particularly true for novice athletes who start doing advanced plyometric training or dunk training without first developing stability and strength in the ankle, knee and hip joints.

"Vertical jump training exercise prescription is both an art and a science"

Vertical Jump Bible Commandment #4: Thou Must Develop Thy Core Strength

Core strength development must be included into your jump training protocol if you want significant jump enhancement results.

Remember that during the jump movement force is transferred throughout the entire body.

Even your arm swing can add an extra 5-10% of jump height when performed correctly.

To maximize jump height the force derived from the upper body must be transferred down through the core into the legs.

The same principles apply for the upward component the jump. If your core is weak you will diminish the potential of the entire kinetic chain.

Vertical Jump Bible Commandment #5: Thou Must Lose Excess Body Fat First


Obviously any excess body fat is going to keep you grounded.

In fact, losing excess body fat can be one of the easiest things you can do to rapidly increase your jump height.

Weight loss success all comes down to diet.

Get that right and the weight will fall off.

If you lost 5kg over a few weeks it would not be unrealistic to think that you would improve your jump height by around 5 inches + assuming that other factors (strength, power levels) remain the same.

Vertical Jump Bible Commandment #6: Thou Must Sleep More

Sleep To Increase vertical leap

Yes, I know this one is boring but it is important.

Never underestimate the recovery power of sleep.

In fact you will get your biggest physiological vertical jump enhancing adaptations while you sleep.

Don’t cut yourself short. Sleep time is recovery time.

Sleep also boosts important hormones such as testosterone and human growth hormone.

These hormones can greatly assist with repair and muscle growth.

Vertical Jump Bible Commandment #7: Thou Must Lift Weights


Sure there are some quality jump programs out there like Vert Shock that have proven that you can significantly improve jump height without lifting weights.

And this is fine if you only want to add 9-15 around inches max.

But if you really want to raise the bar and obtain that 35 inch plus vert you will eventually have to throw some iron around.

Correctly prescribed resistance training will boost strength levels without plateaus.

This takes some very specific manipulation of training variables.

Jacob Hiller's Jump Manual does a great job at this and is a major reason why it has been the number one jump program on the market for over a decade now.

The Flight System by Strength Camps head trainer Chris Barnard is also a premium jump program for those of you who aren’t scared to get serious in the gym.

Increasing your strength allows you to raise the threshold for which power and reactiveness can be developed.

First you develop stability, then strength, then power and the elastic properties of the muscles and tendons.

Do not underestimate the power of weight training for a higher vertical jump.

Vertical Jump Bible Commandment #8: Thou Must Get Focused and Hyped Up Before Training

Ever rep of every set must be focused and intense during every workout.

But how do you stay focused throughout the entire length of the program?

Well obviously you will need sleep to ensure the body and mind is primed for the intense demands of vertical jump training.

Sleep and nutrition will take care of this aspect.

Utilizing visualisation techniques can also be a great way to keep you focused on your long term jump goals.

Try it!

Sit down in a quiet space and close your eyes. Imagine yourself jumping higher. You must recreate every aspect of the jump movement in your mind.

Always do this from a first person point of you.

If your dream is to dunk a basketball then imagine the ball in your hand, hear the sounds of the crowd.

Make the visualization as vivid as possible.

You won’t get it first go but hang in there and I promise that this can be a valuable tool.

Taking a pre-workout supplement before training can be another way to significantly boost productivity during your workouts and subsequently increase vertical gains.

Vertical Jump Bible Commandment #9: Thou Must Always Train In Quality Shoes


Jump training can be super hard on the joints.

As athletes we want to preserve our joints for as long as we can. To ensure we reduce the amount of impact on the joints you should always train in a pair of quality basketball shoes.

These shoes should fit well and be well cushioned throughout the entire sole. Most basketball and volleyball shoes are designed with support in mind.

There are even some shoes that can help you jump higher.

Choosing the right vertical jump training equipment can help boost your chance of successfully and significantly increasing your vertical jump height.

Vertical Jump Bible Commandment #10: Thou Must Follow a Program That Is Proven To Be Safe and Effective

The exercise prescription and programming of jump training is quite a complex art and science that is best left to the pros.

Incorrect application of jump specific training principles can lead to poor outcomes or even worse injury.

Sure you can search through our site and put the information together to create your own program, however most people just find it easier to follow a pre-packaged program that is proven to get results.

The great thing is that quality jump programs have become very inexpensive over the past few years.

Check out our roundup of this years top 10 vertical jump programs to find the perfect program for you.


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