Vert Shock Review: Full Breakdown and Comparison

After countless requests from the V.J.W community the time has come to finally release this ​comprehensive Vert Shock review to the public.

You see, over the past few months many of our valued readers have asked us "Does Vert Shock Really Work?" & "What Exactly Is Included In The Program?"

Well, we finally got around to finding the time to delve deep inside the contents of the program and put it to the test. This Vert Shock review will finally answer all of your Vert Shock related questions once and for all!


Adam Folker's popular jump program continues to create a huge buzz online. Find Out If The Vert Shock System lives up to the hype in our ultimate Vert Shock review. Enjoy!

Earnings Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links (full disclosure)

​Our Final Rating

Vert Shock is currently ranked #1 out of all jump programs reviewed

​2 ​Pro Ballers Unite To Bring You A Fresh Approach To Jump Training


​The Vert Shock program is a collaborative effort between professional basketball player Adam Folker​ and pro dunker Justin “Just Fly” Darlington.

In Fact, Justin Darlington is claimed by many to be the "Best Dunker In The World".

Check out the link to the Official Vert Shock video below to see Justin Darlington's vertical jump for yourself


Vert Shock Tried and Tested

Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure we leave "no stone unturned" and present the most thorough Vert Shock review online.

Nevertheless, we have also enlisted the help of a "Vert Shock Guinea Pig" to test out the program.

Hopefully you will find his Vert Shock story, test results and personal feedback insightful.

Finally A ​"Real" Vert Shock Review

The Vert Shock program has been overly hyped up by many web sites which are obviously solely focused on promoting the product for financial gains. Just search google for "Vert Shock review" and you will see what ​I mean.

Therefore, we hope you find this review​ of Adam Folker's popular program ​insightful and helpful, particularly for those of you who are considering purchasing the program.

When this program is observed through shady websites in combination with the programs bold guarantee of vertical gains of 9-15 inches in 8 weeks, the Vert Shock system can be perceived as quite "scammy".  

Rest assured, this program is legit. Let me show you why...

Can You Really Jump Higher In Only 8 Week's With Vert Shock?

Today you will learn the the truth about the Vert Shock program and if it can really increase your vertical jump significantly in only 8 weeks as promised by the authors.

In this comprehensive Vert Shock review we will show you inside the post purchase Vert Shock membership area and take an in-depth look at the resources (plus bonus gifts).

We will also determine if the program offers the high quality content and multimedia resources we expect from the current era of class leading jump programs.

So does Vert Shock live up to the hype or is Adam Folker's latest release just another fly by night jump program scam?

Keep reading our comprehensive Vert Shock Review to find out...

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"We hope you find our honest Vert Shock review and product comparison helpful in allowing you to decide what truly is the very best jump program for you. We simply lay out the facts so you can make an educated decision"

Folker System Vert Shock Review ​

Product Name:

Folker System Vert Shock By Adam Folker (Edition 2018)

Product Type:

Vertical Jump Program: Online E-Book & Video Series Plus Bonus Gifts


Currently Discounted 70% Off: $134 ​only $67 (Limited Time Offer) 

​+ Get Vert Shock Complex Training Routines Add-On $77 $17


According To Official Vert Shock website price will soon increase to $197



Ease Of Use


We Like

  •  HD Quality Exercise Demo Videos
  • Premium Support Services
  • No Gym/Weight Lifting required (Minimizes DOMS)
  • Ongoing One-On-One Coaching Available
  • Very Simple To Follow And Apply
  • Only Requires 8 Weeks Commitment For Results
  • Excellent Exercise Demonstrations
  • UPDATE: Resistance Training Add On Now Offered (currently only $17)
  • ​Suitable For Males & Females

We Don't Like

  • Limited Science Based Reasoning and Explanation Of ​Concepts.
  • Heavy Promotion Of Other Basketball Related Products On The Vert Shock Website and Email Series ​Once ​Signed ​Up.
  • Does Not Incorporate Weighted Resistance Exercises And The Principles Of Progressive Overload Which Limits Potential Gains In Vertical Beyond The 8 Week Program
  • Must pay extra $​77 17​ to get weight training component (Complex Training Routines)


Vert Shock Complex Training Routines price

Vert Shock Now Offers An Add-On Strength Training Component That We Believe Rivals (& Exceeds) ​The ​Content ​Provided ​In ​Other ​Popular ​Jump ​Programs. ​This Add-On Is Very Impressive Indeed. However, You Will Have To Pay ​$77 Extra (Update: Currently Discounted To Only $17)


Thanks to our valued reader Chris Ferris for letting us know about the heavily discounted price on the Vert Shock Complex Training Routines Add-On. We are not sure how long this deal will run for, so make sure you get in fast.

To Purchase The Full Vert Shock System With Add On Follow These Instructions: 

1) Purchase The Standard Vert Shock Program At A Discounted Price >>On This Page<<

2) You Will Then Be Given An Option To Purchase "PRO Complex Training Routines" Add-On

3) You Will Then Not Only Have Access To What We Consider To Be One Of The Best Plyometric Programs, But Also An Incredible Periodized Weight Training Program To Go Along With It.


​Vert Shock "Quick View" Review Summary

​Here is a quick summary of our huge review (see below) for those of you who are short on time...

Easy To Follow And Visually Appealing

Adam Folker’s Vert Shock ​program does an extraordinary job of explaining the process of increasing one’s vertical jump in an easy to follow and visually appealing program. This program is very much designed with basketball players in mind.

​We highly recommend this program to any basketball player who ​would like to increase ​their vertical jump in a relatively short period of time. However, the programs periodized training principles could also be applied to other sports too (eg. volleyball).

Great For Beginner Athletes

This program is particularly suited to beginner trainer's who have not spent years performing weights and plyometric exercises

​UPDATE: With the inclusion of the add-on Complex Training Routines you can continue to make vert gains for years to come. Plateauing early is a major issue with many jump programs. Adam Folkers innovative approach to block prescribed shock training is a refreshing approach to jump ​specific exercise programming.

Basically, the less training you have done in the past the greater the amount of plyometric potential you have to develop ​by participating in the Vert Shock program.

​Important Information For Parents Of Young Athletes Considering Purchasing Vert Shock


​Vert Shock is a great choice for young athletes who want to become stronger and more explosive versions of themselves. ​Training younger athletes requires great care and attention to a number of training variables. The developers of Vert Shock have done a fantastic job of catering for younger athletes who want to improve their vertical jump. In fact, out of all of the jump programs that we have reviewed over the years, Vert Shock is the only one that has taken the extra effort to address the specific demands and safety consideration of young athletes.

There is ​a helpful information page for parents that are considering purchasing Vert Shock for their child.

Vert Shock Helps Develop An All-Round Better Game

Vert Shock will not only help you jump higher, but it will also develop quickness and general athleticism which will greatly enhance other aspects of your basketball game like boxing out, rebounding and cutting to the basket.

No Gym Required/ Less Muscle Soreness

Vert Shock focuses on plyometrics (explosive bounding and jumps) and is perfect for basketball players who have no gym access or do not feel comfortable with weightlifting.

Weight lifting can cause extreme delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) which can severely hinder in-season sports performance.

As this is not an issue during the Vert Shock program it offers the perfect opportunity for in season vertical gains.

Limited Potential For Future Vert Gains : Update: Strength Training Add-On Now Offered >>> Purchase Full System Here

Vert Shock is limited in the potential for continual future vertical gains beyond the initial program due to inability to raise the threshold of muscle force development.

Simply put, training with progressively heavier weights continually makes you stronger.

These strength gains can then be converted into explosive vertical gains, and the cycle continues (It takes many years to maximize strength development).

Photo Credit: Kevin Seraphin By Keith Allison (Used under CC BY-SA 2.0)


Vert Shock uses similar plyo shock and power development techniques as utilized by NBA strength & conditioning coaches. If you play basketball and would like to learn how to dunk Vert Shock is ​the perfect choice for you. 

This body weight only system allows athletes to continue to develop their jump height without having to worry about extreme muscle soreness or having to purchase gym equipment, both of which are common issues with other popular jump systems. 

The option to be able to purchase an add-on weight training component provides an avenue to derive ongoing improvements in vertical leap. By far the most complete vert package currently available.

​Our Final Rating

Update: Vert Shock Now Comes With 5 Bonus Gifts!

Price Update: Was $134 Now *$67 (*Limited Time Only)


Screenshot of the official Vert Shock Welcome Page

The Ultimate Vert Shock Review:  Can You Really Shock Your Body Into Making You Jump Higher?

​After many requests to review this program over the past year we could no longer deny the impact that Vert Shock is having on the jump industry.

Therefore we felt obliged to have a look for ourselves.

We approached the Vert Shock review with skepticism as the guaranteed claims of an increased vertical of up to 15 inches in only 8 weeks seemed a little over exaggerated. 

The Vert Shock jump program is heavily promoted on basketball related sites around the web.

I am sure you have already been exposed to the now infamous "Wanna Dunk" advertisement. It seems to popup all over the web.


A Popular Vert Shock Advertisement That Gets Heavy Rotation On The Web

In this Vert Shock program review we will take an honest look beyond the marketing hype and determine once and for all if Adam Folker and Justin Darlingtons program is the real deal.

Want To Learn All About Vert Shock? Watch The Official Video


​Video will open and play on official Vert Shock site

Pro Tip: "Instead of increasing your jump through overtraining like many jump training programs do (this not only doesn’t work but also causes serious injuries like ​Patella and Achilles tendonitis), Vert Shock uses breakthrough exercises to target these ‘super fibers’, exponentially increasing the inches you add to your jump each and every week with less work."

  Did You Know? Vert Shock Has Featured In:  

Without further ado, let's get straight into our Vert Shock review so you can judge for yourself if Adam Folker's program can help you jump higher.

What Is The Vert Shock Program?


Basically the Vert Shock System by Adam Folker is a step by step, 3 phase vertical jump program that is designed to improve an individual's vertical jump height over a period of 8 weeks.

The First Targeted Plyometric Program For Ballers

The Vert Shock program incorporates an innovative and targeted explosive plyometric regime that essentially "shocks" the central nervous system.

This releases a chain reaction which subsequently unleashes the potential to jump higher.

The Vert Shock workouts are programmed in a distinct way to challenge the elastic properties of the muscles and tendons and ultimately make them more "springy". 

Vert Shock Blends The Science & Art Of Jumping

This jump program is based on the latest stretch-shortening cycle (SSC) research which targets the relationship between an active stretch (eccentric contraction) of a muscle followed by an immediate shortening (concentric contraction) of that same muscle.

The Vert Shock protocol focuses on the quality of the jumps performed rather than the quantity.

This means that participants undertake less jumps per session making it less likely to succumb to injury and overtraining.

(Overtraining injuries are common downfalls of high volume jump programs such as Air Alert)

PRO TIP: "Vert Shock offers a very innovative approach to jump training. Many other popular jump programs focus on high volume, submaximal training which recent research is now showing to be very ineffective. The principles of the Vert Shock system allow the participant to make much faster progress due to the maximal stimulus applied to the CNS and connective tissue"

No Heavy Lifting Required

Unlike other popular programs, Vert Shock does not incorporate heavy weight lifting.* Resistance training add-on now available. Base product does not require weight lifting but an extra training package add-on can be purchased from the official site.

Therefor this program offers an exciting opportunity for athletes of all ages and experience levels to improve their vertical jump without the need to learn complex gym movements.


No Lifting Means Reduced Muscle Soreness: A Major Plus For In-Season Jump Training

Void of lifting throughout the program also reduces the likelihood of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) which is common in resistance based vertical jump programs.

DOMS have been shown to significantly decrease sporting performance and is definitely something to consider when choosing a jump program.

This is particularly important if you a thinking about undertaking the program during your sporting season.

Update: This exciting new-era jump program is now only $67 (70% Discount). At this price we believe The Vert Shock offers people who want to jump higher without weight training an excellent opportunity to do so.

The addition of 5 very generous gifts now makes this offer even more appealing.

Don't miss out on this limited time opportunity. If you think that the Vert Shock program is the right program to help you jump higher then ever before then act now!

Who Created The Vert Shock System? Credibility Check

Vert Shock is created by Adam Folker, a professional basketball player and certified strength and conditioning specialist (NSCA). 

Adam was also awarded a division 1 basketball scholarship to the University Of California Irvine where he accomplished many impressive athletic feats. 

Mr Folker has helped his good friend Justin "Just Fly" Darlington become the "greatest dunker in the world" by passing on some of his unique jump training principles.

These two ​colleagues have worked together to perfect the program so that anyone at any level can benefit.

Kobe Bryant and Adam Folker

Justin Jus Fly Darlington winning the Nike World dunk contest with judges Diana Taurasi, Lebron James, Anthony Davis.

Adam Folker has spent 8+ years training athletes to improve their vertical jump. He has now decided to share his proven protocol with the world in the form of the instantly downloadable electronic Vert Shock system.

What Does It Look Like Inside Of The Vert Shock Program?

Once you make your payment you will gain direct access to the interactive Vert Shock ​system. 

Yep, you can get started today!

From the moment we fired up the ebook to undertake this Vert Shock review we were impressed by the slick design.

Well Presented and Easy To Follow

This is by far the most aesthetically pleasing vertical jump program currently available.

From the moment you login you are intuitively directed around the beautifully designed web 2.0 layout.

The Vert Shock program primarily communicates through video content which is a big plus for those of us who learn best by watching rather than reading.

All of the included videos are extremely well produced and are kept short and sweet.

Adam Folker's presentation instills confidence in the viewer from the get-go.

 Adam Folker Has Produced A Highly Polished Product At A Fantastic Price Point

Welcome To The Vert Shock Membership Area

Let's take a closer look at what the Vert Shock Program looks like inside...

1) The Login Screen

Enter your membership details for direct access to the Vert Shock Member Zone


2) Welcome Screen

Welcome to your personalized membership welcome page


3) Quick Start Guide

A basic summary of the requirements and expectations of the program


4) Workout Explanation

A comprehensive yet concise overview of the Vert Shock training principles


5) Workout Table 1 (Pre-Shock)

Vert Shock Workout sheets for phase 1 that can be used online or printed out


6) Workout Table 2 (Shock)

Vert Sock Workout sheets for phase 2 that can be used online or printed out


7) Exercise Intro

Simple navigational hub of the HD exercise video demonstrations


8) Exercise Videos

High quality easy to follow HD exercise demonstration videos


9) Vert Tracker

Everything you need to know about tracking and recording your progress


10) Vert Shock Bonus Gifts

A collection of very helpful bonus gifts (keep reading our Vert Shock review for details)


11) Secrets Of Jumping Higher

Simple to apply hints and tips that can have a huge impact on jump height


12) User Support Forum

Access help and support plus chat with people also undertaking Vert Shock


A Closer Look At The Vert Shock Workouts?

​The Vert Shock Program Consists Of 3 Distinct Phases Including:


The Pre Shock Phase

In the first 7 days of the program you can expect your vertical jump to increase up to 3 – 5 inches. Within this ‘Pre-Shock’ phase you will be introduced to a range of jumps and bounding exercises designed to get your body ready for what’s to come. 


The Shock Phase

Then you enter the ‘Shock’ phase which is 6 weeks long. This is the main part of the program and is where your nervous system is ‘shocked’ into leaping higher than ever before. This is by far the most demanding stage of the program as you are introduced to the Vert Shock complex training routines. If you really stay focused and determined during this stage you will reap the rewards.


The Post Shock Phase

The final phase of the program is the ‘Post-Shock’ phase. This is a full week where everything your body ‘learned’ in the previous phases becomes cemented in your muscle memory. In this phase you really focus in on improving technique to ensure your increased vertical can be applied in a game situation.

How Often Will I Need To Train On Vert Shock?

During the 8-week program you will be doing 41 workouts in 56 days.

Yes, be prepared to put in the work.

Although these workouts aren't overly taxing on the body, it does become quite difficult to commit to the average of around 5 workouts per week, for 8 weeks straight.



The Vert Shock complex training routine workouts are specifically designed to achieve various jump specific goals.

For example:

  • Advanced plyometrics: A range of specific jumping exercises with an emphasis on short ground contact-times.
  • Core strength: A combination of core strengthening exercises which are a vital, yet often overlooked aspect of vertical jump enhancement.
  • Power: Exercises like deep squat jumps develop strength and power in legs which is essential for a high vertical jump. Adam Folker does a fantastic job at alternating specific body groups to minimize the risk of overtraining. For example, you will never do two heavy plyometrics workouts on subsequent days.

What Results Can I Expect From Participating In The Vert Shock Program?

The Claim: Gain 8-15 Inches In Only 8 Weeks...

Or Your Money Back!

Vert Shock guarantees that you will be jumping up to 3 – 5 inches higher within the first 7 days of the program and up to 9 – 15 inches higher by the end of the 8 week program.

(check out our test results below)

REMEMBER…If you use Vert Shock for 60 days and honestly feel that it failed to deliver on anything that the creators promised you, they will give you a complete refund. No questions asked.

The team here at love it when developers stand behind their programs by offering such a generous guarantee!

We believe Vert Shock offers our valued readers an exciting risk free opportunity to try a quality jump program.

So how much will Vert Shock increase your vertical? Well that depends on how much effort you are willing to put in. We recently put a novice athlete through the program. You can check out his story below. ​

Vert Shock Test Subject Results: Did He Jump Higher After Vert Shock?


In order to complete our Vert Shock review we knew we had to test the program out for ourselves.

However, as our team are all seasoned jumpers and we really wanted to try the program out on a relative newcomer, we enlisted the help of a "vert shock test subject".

 The Vert Shock Case Study: Introducing Test Subject Jamie

Our test subject Jamie is a 29 year old male who stands 6ft 2 inch tall, has a standing reach of 7 ft 10 inches and weighs 200 pounds.

From the time that Jamie commenced the Vert Shock challenge the only other exercise he was undertaking was 2 casual games of local basketball per week.

We did have some potential injury concerns about Jamie as he had dealt with chronic knee pain (patella tendonitis) in the past.

However, he was so excited to see if he could dunk before he turned 30 years old that he was willing to give it all he had.

So did Vert Shock work for Jamie?

Let's take a closer look at the stats...

Jamie's Vert Shock Journey: Vert Shock Tried and Tested


Before Jamie Started Vert Shock: Vertical =23 inches

Jamie achieved a 23" max standing vertical (2 foot jump), which s​aw him just fall short of touching the rim (3 inches short).

He was quite impressed with his result and felt confident that he could achieve his goal of dunking over the following 8 weeks.

 The Vert Tracker Makes Measuring Your Vertical Simple

Entering The Pre Shock Phase: It's On!

Jamie found this week to be the hardest of all weeks on the program. He reports feeling a little overwhelmed by the number of workouts that had to be undertaken (6 in the first week).

He also found the duration of the workouts to be quite long (approx 50 mins with Vert Shock Dynamic Warm Up and Cool Down series).

Our test subject did however skip the warm up " naughty, naughty" on 3 of the 7 days which reduced the time to around 35 mins.

This week of training certainly "shocked" his body.

He was dreading the actual "shock phase" to come but persisted in his pursuit of a higher jump.

 His favorite exercises of this week were the box jumps and depth jumps. He also enjoyed the sprinting interval training.

After the first week he reported feeling quite fatigued.

We tested his vertical and unfortunately it had actually dropped 1inch .

We were both a little disheartened by the results but decided to venture on with the project.

At the end of the second week Jamie reported feeling more comfortable with the program and had eased into the routine.

His body was holding up well with no reported knee pain. He did report feeling a little tired during his basketball games in the previous week but s​tated that his energy ​was coming back.​

So at the end of week two we measured Jamie's vert again and were impressed to see an increase of 2 inches on his original jump height of 23 inches.

He was now only 1 inch away from touching the rim which inspired him immensely.

Week 3:

Jamie continued with the program as planned. We couldn't catch up to take measurements that week but he reported feeling much more springy.​

He also said that he was feeling much more "explosive and athletic" in his weekly bball games.

Week 4:​

This is the week where everything started to come together for Jamie.

He was feeling loose and ready to set a new personal best vertical in the vertical jump test.

To both of our surprise he had increased his vertical by a extremely impressive 6 inches.

This took his vertical up to 29 inches which now allowed him to achieve his short term goal of touching the rim.

Not only could he touch the rim but he was also able to get his fingers over the rim far enough to pull down on it.

He attempted a few tennis ball dunks from a standing start which he made consistently.

With a run-up and single leg take off he found the tennis ball dunk quite easy but said he felt "awkward" running and jumping.

We planned to catch up in 3 weeks with the hope to witness his first dunk with a size 7 basketball.

Week 7:

At the time of our meeting Jamie was completing his last few days of the Shock Phase.

Unfortunately, he reported feeling "tired and overworked" from work and family commitments.

He acknowledged that he hadn't given the Vert Shock 100% effort and dedication and had missed approximately 6 sessions over the past 3 weeks.

At this stage we recorded his vertical which measured 31 inches. A gain of 2 inch in 3 weeks.

Although not the results I was hoping to see I was happy that he was still heading in the right direction.

We all get busy. You sometimes just have to do what you can do.

At least he didn't quit!

His tennis ball dunks hadn't improved much and still couldn't dunk a "kids basketball".

He did however manage to hang from the rim with two hands from a 2 foot jump which got him super excited.

Entering The Post Shock Phase (Week 8)

Jamie was happy to see the program come to an end and was looking forward to been " a bit lazy again".

We recorded his vertical and were pleased to see that he had added another 1 inch to his vertical.

His final vert after the completion of the Vert Shock program was 32 inches meaning that he had increased his vertical by 9 inches over 8 weeks.

Quite impressive indeed.  

He was now able to dunk a "kids ball" off both one and two feet.

He was still unable to dunk a full size ball even though he could generate around 6 inches of clearance above the rim.

Although he could jump higher, he admitted that he needs more work on his technique and palming a basketball and would try to keep applying the "secret jumping tips" he learnt at the end of the Vert Shock program.

On behalf of we would like to thank Jamie H for participating in the 8 Week Vert Shock Challenge. Well Done!

Update May 12 2016: Jamie H (our participant in the 8 Week Vert Shock challenge) has continued to strive for his goal of increasing his vertical jump to 36-40 inches and is currently recording a vert of 35 inches.  He is now continuing his journey to a higher jump and has moved onto the Vert Shock strength training component. He is enjoying spending time in the gym again and reports feeling "fitter and stronger" than ever.

Update June 16 2016: Jamie H (our participant in the 8 Week Vert Shock challenge) has achieved his first in game dunk. However, although he said that it was a "fairy dunk" it was a dunk nonetheless. Keep working on those Blake Griffin power dunks Jamie. Congrats!

Update March 16 2017: Jamie H has achieved his first two hand two foot dunk. Well done J!

Vert Shock User Feedback: Testimonials Plus...

The ​official site is jam packed with inspiring Vert Shock before and after success stories.

Click the button below to see some of these inspiring case studies for yourself...


What Is Included In Vert Shock? (+ Bonus Gift Roundup)


The Vert Shock Jump Program


This instantly downloadable system come complete with:

  • Quick Start Guide (get started today with this simple guide)
  • Pre Shock Workout Plan Shock (prepares the body to jump higher)
  • Shock Phase Workout Plan (Really start adding inches to your vertical jump during this phase)
  • Post Shock Phase Workout Plan 
  • Step By Step Exercise Videos (Over 35 HD Videos Included)
  • Vert Tracker (Track your added inches easily and accurately)


Plus These Helpful Bonus Gifts (Limited Time Only)...


4 Vertical Jump Killers E-Guide ($17 Value)


When we came across the 4 'Jump Killers' bonus during our Vert Shock review we were initially skeptical about the amount of value would truly offer.

We were very pleased to find some interesting hints and tips that we had not yet been exposed to.

This book highlights the simple yet often overlooked things that can hinder your success and prevent you from jumping any higher.

I was guilty of doing two of these "jump killers" on a daily basis.



Jumpers Diet Checklist ($19 Value)


Adam Folkers Jumpers Diet Checklist is a nice attempt at covering the topic of nutrition in a simple and easy to follow manner. 

He does a nice job of highlighting foods that can severely alter your jump potential. 

This is by no means a diet that will get you more shredded than a Julienne salad but it will help you learn what it takes to stay fresh and fired up over the 8 week program.



5 Dirty Secrets To Jumping Higher ($19 Value)


This e-guide includes some really cool jump secrets straight from the mind of the "worlds greatest dunker" Justin Darlington.

These are the sorts of little tricks that can make all the difference between touching the rim and throwing down a monster jam.

We found this to be a great addition and quite original in it's approach.

We have commonly encountered 3 of the "secrets" but 2 of them are very helpful indeed, particularly for beginner trainers.



Personalised Weekly Email Check-In ($29 Value)


This a a great feature that can really help keep you on track and adhering to the program.

Even though the program is only 8 weeks long, it can seem a little daunting at times.

Adam Folker will keep in touch and inspire you to achieve your vertical jump goals.


How Does Vert Shock Compare To Other Popular Jump Programs?

Currently, two very high quality programs are competing for the number one spot on the Jump Program market.

These two programs are Adam Folker's Vert Shock program which we are reviewing today and Jacob Hiller's Jump Manual.

Out of all of the jump programs currently for sale (compare the best vertical jump programs here>) these two are leaps and bounds above the rest.

So if you are thinking about purchasing a jump program you really must ask yourself one question...

Vert Shock Vs The Jump Manual, Which One Is Right For Me?

Well, let me do my best to help answer that question for you.

Both Vert Shock and The Jump Manual offer the very best support in the business.

These two programs present an elegant and intuitive design that can't really be faulted.

Both are very interesting and inspiring in their own unique way.

As you already know from reading our Vert Shock review above, Adam Folker's program does not incorporate weight lifting into the program. *Resistance training add-on now available

If you don't have access to gym equipment/don't want to deal with constant muscle soreness then choose VertShock (predominantly bodyweight exercises).

Vert Shock: A Great "In-Season" Jump Program

If you do plan on completing a jump program during your regular season then Vert Shock is a better option as you won't be as sore due to the absence of strength training

The Vert Shock program also offers users the opportunity to increase their vertical in only 8 weeks as opposed to 12 weeks in The Jump Manual.

Vert Shock is a great program that gets fast results, *but it won't allow you to continually make huge gains beyond the initial 8 week program like The Jump Manual can. To learn more read our Jump Manual Review

*The new Vert Shock resistance training add-on makes this possible.​

Vert Shock Vs The Jump Manual?


If I was asked to give advice to someone who is not an elite athlete and has not trained with weights before this is what I'd say:

"Try Vert Shock initially to build up the explosiveness and re-activeness of the tendons to add 8-15 inches.

Then if you still want to add more height to your vertical undertake a resistance based program such as the Jump Manual or simply purchase the new Vert Shock Add-on. 

Continue to cycle through ​the combined plyo and resistance based protocols with a week off in between to recover. 

Rinse and repeat until you achieve the vertical jump you desire"

UPDATE: Now that Vert Shock Offers A Resistance Training Add-On We Recommend Vert Shock As The Superior Option- DOWNLOAD BELOW (note when you purchase the base Vert Shock program you will be given the option to upgrade to the extended program for $77 extra UPDATE:CURRENTLY ONLY $17 (GET IN FAST!)


Adam Folker's VertShock Is Currently Our #1 Ranked Jump Program

The Vert Shock Review Verdict

We give Vert Shock a huge thumbs up. This program offers an opportunity for athletes to improve their vertical jump without the need for fancy gym equipment.

No weight training also means less muscle soreness, making this the perfect program for athletes who want to continue to play their sport of choice during the program​.

We were very impressed throughout the Vert Shock review process by the fact Adam Folker has incorporated the latest ​shock training principles into a very easy to follow and apply program

The beautifully designed and intuitive nature of the program makes this the perfect entry point jump program for beginners.

However we believe the program also offers advanced athletes the opportunity to significantly increase their vertical.

Advance athletes will definitely enjoy the insights from Justin Darlington "The worlds greatest dunker".​

The current edition of Vert Shock contains everything we expect to see in a quality vertical jump program in 2017/ 2018.

The fact that Adam Folker offers a 60 day money back guarantee instills great confidence in the program.

We encourage anyone who wants to jump higher to take advantage of this risk free opportunity, particularly now that it is reduced to only $67 down from $134. (See Button Below For Discount)

Not only does Vert Shock cover everything you need to know to learn how to jump higher fast, but it also provides superior support.

Adam Folker currently charges $250+ for a one-on-one training session. You get access to him (world class certified trainer) for the entry price of only $13​4 Update:$67.

Other programs come close in ​aspects of our review criteria to the Vert Shock however we are confident to say this is the premier​ jump program on the market.

Adam Folker's dedication to Vert Shock is evident in everything he does with the program. We anticipate that this program will only continue to get better over the coming years.

Mr Folker tells it how he sees it. He let's the viewer know that in order to jump higher than ever before you will have to make a consistent focused effort over 8 weeks.

He does however make this very achievable through his intuitively designed system and cutting edge exercise protocols.

Overall we are very confident to recommend Vert Shock to our valued readers.

Thousands of people around the world are achieving ​impressive gains on their vertical jump with the Vert Shock system.

Perhaps you could be next...

Thank You for taking the time to read our Vert Shock Review. We hope you found it helpful.

To all of our readers who ask us "Is Vert Shock any good" we say "Yes it is.. very good indeed!"

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We believe that the recent addition of a resistance training add-on option to this already incredible program now makes this the best option for those looking for the upmost premium jump training package​.

The Official Vert Shock Review Rating

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Folker System Vert Shock EBook By Adam Folker

$134 Currently Only $67 (Soon to rise to $197)

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Adam Folker's Vert Shock system is available for purchase as an instant download from the official website (See button below).

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Vert Shock Review Frequently Asked Questions? 

UPDATE: Since the time that we published our Vert Shock review we have received many questions from our readers regarding the Vert Shock program.

Therefore, to save time for the both of us time we have decided to collate the most common questions we receive from our readers in the following F.A.Q list.

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  • does Vert Shock really work?
  • How much does vert shock cost?
  • how long does Vert Shock take?
  • is vert shock legit?
  • is the Vert shock a dvd?
  • how many days a week is Vert Shock?
  • is Vert shock worth it?
  • how tall is Adam Folker?
  • who is Adam folker?
  • Where Can I Get The Vert shock program pdf free download?
  • Should I play ball when starting Vert shock or just focus on the program only?
  • Is vert shock A Scam?/Is adam folker a scam?
  • Do you have more any of the Vert shock before and after stories to share?
  • Is vert shock equipment included?
  • How much time do the vert shock workouts take to complete?
  • Where to buy vert shock?
  • how does vert shock work?
  • Vert shock or jump manual, vert shock vs boing vert
When deciding whether to use Vert Shock or Jump Manual there are a few things to consider. If you would like to compare Vert Shock Vs Boing Vert, The Jump Manual, The Flight System and all of the best jump programs see our comparison page. Check out the best vertical jump programs here.

Vert Shock By Adam Folker

Vert Shock By Adam Folker





Ease Of Use







  • HD Quality Exercise Demo Videos
  • Premium Support Services
  • Very Simple To Follow And Apply
  • Only Requires 8 Weeks Commitment For Results
  • Resistance Training Add On Now Offered


  • Limited Science Based Reasoning and Explanation
  • Heavy Promotion Of Other Basketball Related Products
  • Must pay extra to get weight training component