Vert Code Elite Review: Take A Look Inside The PJF Jump Program


Vert Code Elite Review

Vert Code Elite By PJF Perfromance (Paul Fabritz): Quick Review Summary

Vert Code Elite Vertical Jump Program Review

What Is Vert Code Elite and How Can It Help You Jump Higher?

Vert Code Elite is a complex jump training system suited for people with several years of resistance and plyometric training expereince. The training is intense, complicated and requires many hours of training per week over the course of the year long program.

Beginer trainers are best suited to try a shorter duration, yet super effective jump program such as Vert Shock (bodyweight only) or The Jump Manual (bodyweight/gym) before attempting Vert Code Elite.

Currently Ranked #3 In The Top 10 Vertical Jump Programs

  • Best Vertical Jump Program For Highly Experienced Trainers & Sports Science Geeks

What We Like

  • Comprehensive coverage of jump specific science based training principles      
  • High quality demonstration videos
  • Gym based program (many different items of gym equipment + pool and basketball court access required)
  • Provides 12 months of progressive program
  • One on one coaching available 

Vert Code Elite Overview Summary Table

Jump Program Name 


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Gym/Court/ Gear Required?

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Final Rating

Vert Code Elite





12 Months


Is Vert Code Elite The Best Jump Program For You?

Vert Code-Elite is a great vertical jump training option for athletes who have years of weightlifting and plyometric experience and love to dive deep into the world of sports science.

This popular jump program is divided into 12 phases, each of 4 weeks duration. These phases are built on 4 fundamental principles including:

  • Base
  • Load and Redirect
  • Explode
  • Spring

Vert Code Elite is designed to build a strong physical base and then progress to improving mobility, strength, power and re-activeness of the "jumping muscles" over the course of a year. Coach Paul Fabritz also spends time educating on the correct jump mechanics required to improve jump height.

Warning: This program is for Advanced Athletes only!

If you are an experienced athlete and and love to delve into reading and watching hours upon hours of sport science related information then this is a great program for you.

Vert Code Elite is classified as a jump program, however it sometimes feels as though it a general sports performance program as it develops many aspects of fitness that can make you a better athlete.

Be aware that you will need access to a range of exercise equipment, resistance bands, cable weights, free-weights, foam rollers and a pool.

If you have access to all the gear and are willing to invest up-to 1 and a 1/2hr hours for workouts on most days of the week, then this is may be a great option for you.

Some people may find the amount of research based information and complex periodized exercise programming overwhelming.  

In one video case study we found online (see below), a participant completed 8 phases of Vert Code Elite and only managed to achieve around  a 3 inch improvement on his jump height (plus pulled a muscle in the process). Not a great return on investment for this poor guy.

Vert Code Elite Review Conclusion:

If you have a background in jump training and have the time to commit each day then I am sure you will love Vert Code Elite.

However, please do not underestimate just how intense, drawn out and complex this program is.

Vert Code forces you to train like a pro athlete. The only problem is most of us don't have the time available in our daily lives to train this way and spend time educating ourselves on the principles of jump training.

Beginner jump trainers will likely find this program overwhelming.

Beginners are better off choosing a program that is succinct, easy to follow and can be completed in a relatively short time frame (8-12 weeks). Remember training adherence is the key to vertical jump success.

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