Best Vertical Jump Training Equipment 2021 [Ultimate Buyers Guide + Reviews]

Vertical Jump Equipment List

by Vertical Jump World | Last Updated on 09 Dec 2023

The Definitive Vertical Jump Training Equipment List

Over the past year we have seen many exciting innovations in the vertical jump equipment marketplace.

If you have completed our free Rapid Vert Gainz course you would understand that using equipment is by no means necessary in order to achieve a higher vertical jump. 

However, certain jump training equipment can offer some significant advantages when used correctly throughout a well planned and periodized vertical jump training program.

Our team has put this jump training resource page together to help keep you updated with the best vertical jump training gear currently available.

In this guide you will learn:  

  • How to choose the correct equipment for your specific jump training goals
  • Where to purchase vertical jump training equipment online
Box jumps are used in every one of the top vertical jump programs we have reviewed. Some trainers believe that the box jump offers very little transfer over to basketball specific performance while others swear it is the secret to their vertical jump success.
Have you ever noticed how effortlessly a pro baller seems to make a dunk look on a fast break. These guys have perfected the art of dunking. In order to dunk a basketball you must be able to activate the correct muscles at the right time with the right force. If you have read our ultimate guide to jumping higher and our how to dunk posts you would have noticed that jumping higher is both an art and science. The following dunking tips will help you add a few inches to current dunk jump height. Combine these dunk tips with one of the many proven and effective vertical jump programs and you too can rise up like the pros.

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Vertical Jump Training Aids & Tools: Do They Really Work?

If you have read our Ultimate Guide to Jumping Higher you would understand that their are many physical attributes and variables that must be developed in order to improve you vertical jump height.

To jump higher you must improve jumping technique plus:

  • Lower limb and core stability
  • Lower limb and posterior chain maximal strength
  • Rate of jump specific force production (power) 
  • Optimized body composition (low body fat levels)
  • Efficient and powerful ankle and foot function
  • Stretch shortening cycle and elastic / reactive abilities of the lower limb muscles and tendons.

Remember, most of the vertical jump training equipment featured below is designed to improve only one specific aspect of the entire vertical jump development process.

Therefore it is best to think of the following equipment as a jump training aid rather than the solution to your vertical jump deficiency.

In this post we will help you understand how each specific item of jump training gear can be best utilized to help improve your overall jump height.

To get the best jump results we recommend using a combination of the featured jump training resources while co-currently following one of the many proven and effective  vertical jump programs that you can download today

These "done for you programs" are quite affordable and tend to be the most effective way to ensure that you are following a protocol that will maximize vertical jumping ability while minimizing the risk of injury.

>> You can compare this years top 10 vertical jump training program

1) The Best Vertical Jump Testing Equipment

If you are serious about increasing your vertical jump height it is vital that you first have an accurate baseline measure of you current max vertical jump. Having an accurate baseline measure can help you observe small increases in vertical jump height over time. This feedback can do wonders for ongoing exercise adherence. We created a huge guide that can teach how to correctly undertake a vertical jump test.

There are a number of popular vertical jump testing products available.

Here are our 3 favorite items for testing vertical jump.

1st Option) Power Systems Wall-Mounted Vertec Vertical Jump Tester

  • Measures jumps in 1/2-inch increments
  • Swings away from wall 15 inches into testing position and lays flat for storage...

The Vertec is the gold standard in vertical jump testing equipment. You may have seen this used pro combines such as the ones used to measure an NBA athletes vertical jump height

This device measures jumps in 1/2 inch increments and from 6 to 12 feet. The durable steel construction of the Vertec makes it a great choice for clubs and college teams that undergo periodic vertical jump testing.

2nd Option) Vert Wearable Jump Monitor

Vertical jump testing has traditionally required the use of bulky testing equipment.  Tracking multiple players or measurements with traditional vert testing gear can become a very tedious process.  With VERT, vertical jump testing can be completed anywhere, anytime.  The smartphone or tablet companion app continuously logs and displays real time vertical measurements on the device or wirelessly. Best yet the device is very small and discreet. 

  • EASY TO USE: Just clip (included) and jump for quick COMBINE or try-out testing...
  • INJURY PREVENTION: Measures jump count (like pitch count in baseball) and...

3rd Option) GameCraft Magnetic Jump and Reach Board

This magnetic jump and reach board is a great budget option for those of you who want to track your vertical jump progress. It is easily mounted and is adjustable for children or adults 

Reach Board
  • Accurately measures vertical jump
  • Easily mounted metal board is adjustable for children or adults

2) The Best Vertical Jump Trainer & Resistance Bands

Vertical jump trainers and other resistance based jump training equipment is designed to improve rate of force production and overall explosiveness. The resistance bands on these devices are designed to increase the speed of the eccentric phase (downward phase) of the jump and provide resistance to the concentric phase (rising phase) of the jump.

There are many vertical jump trainer devices on the market. Many of them are of a very poor quality and should be avoided. Some are just ridiculously over priced and bizarre such as the Squat Flex.  

After researching the marketplace we have concluded that there are only a couple of effective resistance band vert training options.

Here are our 2 favorite vertical jump trainers and resistance band setups for developing jump specific explosiveness.

1st Option) Sklz Hopz Vertical Jump Trainer

The Sklz Hopz is by far the most well designed and manufactured vertical jump trainer available. This system is very durable and designed to increase leg power in a very jump specific manner. Unlike cheaper jump trainers on the market the Sklz Hopz provides the ability to add more resistance to ensure you don't plateau.

All the attachments are very durable and easy to use. This is a great resource to have around the gym if you want to gain a few extra inches on your jump. 

  • Strap on to build explosive leg power and strengthen jumping muscles
  • Move resistance cables on belt to target specific muscles

2nd Option) Resistance Bands and Power Rack

Like the Sklz Hopz vertical jump trainer, plain old resistance bands can be rigged up to develop vertical jumping ability. We suggest using high quality 41 inch bands. If you can afford it purchase multiple bands at varying resistances so that you can continue to improve over time.

We have provided a link to our favorite resistance bands which we like to use for eccentric jump training below. Here is a helpful video outlining how to use resistance bands for vertical jump training.

Res Band
  • ONE (1) MINI BAND SELECTED [20 to 35 Lb Resistance] - This band is commonly used...
  • OUR QUALITY DIFFERENCE - Our bands use a unique time consuming wrapped layered...

We recommend combining the helpful vertical jump training aids featured on this page with a quality jump training protocol. For best results choose a program that incorporates both plyometric exercises and specific weight training for vertical jump development. 

Always choose a program which is developed by a experienced and respected vertical jump trainer

Here are a few jump programs that have proven to get excellent results:

  1. The Jump Manual
  2. VertShock
  3. Vert Code

3) The Best Weighted Vests For Vertical Jump Training

Utilizing weighted vests during vertical jump training can be an excellent way to add resistance while keeping the hands free. Weighted vests tend to spread the load over the body therefore allowing for a more more natural takeoff when jumping.

TIP FOR BASKETBALL PLAYERS: Weighted vest dunks are one of the best dunk specific exercises that basketball players can undertake. 

Here are a few of our favorite weighted vests that can be used for jump training.

1st OptionCAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest

The CAP range weighted vests are a high end jump training vest that comes in a range of sizes and weights. This brand of weighted vest allows for a much greater max load than it's closest competitors.

It is the durable construction and option for additional loading that makes it the best option for the serious jump trainer. They also come in some really cool designs. 

Vest 1
  • CONSTRUCTION - Made from reinforced nylon and polyester. Dimensions vary...
  • COMFORT - Fully adjustable waist belt and padded shoulder straps allowing for a...

2nd Option) RUNFast/Max Pro Weighted Vest  

The Runfast vest can be purchased with a load rating of 12lbs/ 20lbs/ 40lbs/ 50lbs/ 60lbs. The quality of this weighted vest is not as high as the CAT vests but does provide excellent value for money.

Select the maximum weight that you think you will need when purchasing. You can then remove the weights during the early phases of your jump training and then start building up from there.

Vest 2
  • Weights come Included - weights can be added or removed at any time for any...
  • Features - Phone pocket and water bottle holder included for your Convenience.

4) The Best Medicine Balls For Vertical Jump Training

Medicine ball tosses are one of the best exercises that you can do to improve your vertical jumping ability.

These round weighted balls provide excellent training specificity for those of you who play basketball and want to learn how to dunk.

This is a must have for any serious vertical jump trainer. We suggest purchasing a few different weights as different exercises require a different load percentage. Having access to heavier balls will also allow you to continue to develop your explosiveness well into the future.

Here is a great video outlining some of our favorite medicine ball jump training exercises below. We have also provided a link to our favorite medicine balls that you can purchase online.

1st Option)  SKLZ Trainer Med Ball

The Sklz trainer med ball is 8 pounds in weight which makes it a great all-round option if you were going to purchase only one medicine ball. This ball has great grip which is handy when replicating dunk specific movements.

It also has some pretty cool exercises printed on the side which aren't jump training specific, but can help to build core strength.

Med Ball 1
  • Illustrated exercises printed directly on the ball
  • Clear visuals show muscles being targeted to add strength and build muscle

2nd Option)  Amazon Basics Medicine Ball

The Amazon Basics medicine ball range is the perfect choice for those of you who want a heavier medicine ball or want to purchase multiple medicine balls at an affordable price.

This range of medicine balls comes at a max weight of 20 pounds which should provide enough resistance, even for the most beastly pro athletes.

Med Ball 2
  • Weighted medicine ball for upper, lower, and full body exercises
  • Includes a 12-pound medicine ball made of sturdy, firm rubber in orange and...

3rd Option)  SKLZ Control Basketball

The Sklz control basketball aren't technically a medicine ball but worth incorporating into your vertical jump program. These balls handle like a real basketball except for the fact that they are much heavier than a regulation ball.

By playing pickup and training with these balls you will continually have to overcome resistance and therefore will adapt and become stronger. This is the perfect ball for dunk technique training.

Med Ball 3
  • Weighted, regulation size ball strengthens fingers, wrists and forearms
  • Improves dribbling, passing and rebounding

5) The Best Resistance Training Equipment For Vertical Jump Development

If you have spent time perusing the content on our site you would understand the vital role that strength and power plays in vertical jump development. To reach you max vertical jump potential you must train with weights.

By overloading the muscles and nervous system they adapt and come back stronger and more explosive if correct recovery methods are put in place. If you do decide to purchase some resistance training equipment be sure to always follow a periodised program that is designed by a pro jump trainer.

Always look for a program that evolves from stability training to strength then power development.

Vert Shock Complex Training Routines price

1st Option)  Power Rack, Bench, Olympic Dumbbells & Weights

Purchasing a power rack, weights and bench is one the best investments that you can make into your health, fitness and jump training future. Power racks provide a safe environment from which you can push yourself to your limits and target every jumping muscle in the body.

Heavy squats with a support bar provide the piece of mind to go all in and get that max effort. It is the ability to hit max effort that derives the greatest jump training results. Check out this great package from HG-3 which has everything you need to get started.

No products found.

2nd Option) Trap Bar

We have found that trap bar deadlifts are one of the best resistance exercises that you can do to improve your vertical jump. This exercise is particularly suited to tall athletes with long limbs and short torsos who struggle with the conventional deadlift. This exercise works almost every muscle of the lower limb,posterior chain and core. The jump specific motion is what makes this one of the best exercises for vertical jumping.

Trap Bar
  • GRIP: Knurled revolving tri-grip handles allow the user to choose from 30mm,...
  • LOADING: Effortless loading and unloading of plate weights with the elevated...

3rd Option) Dumbbells

Dumbbells are an excellent option for those of you who want to get serious with your jump training but don't have access to a gym or power rack. Always ensure that you choose dumbbells that have enough resistance to keep you adapting week after week. We suggest choosing adjustable dumbbells as they make it easy to adjust resistance on the fly.

  • WIDER WEIGHT RANGE: Each dumbbell adjust from 5 to 52.5 lb. in 2.5 lb....
  • TURN OF A DIAL: Select the weight you want with the turn of the dial – no more...

6) Best Plyometric Boxes For Vertical Jump Training

Plyometric boxes provide athletes with the opportunity to take their jumps to the next level by exploiting the many benefits of plyometric shock training with shock jumps.

Plyometric boxes allow participants to complete exercises such as box jumps and depth drops which can send the nuero-muscular system into overdrive.

In fact programs that incorporate shock training often see increases in over 10 inches in jump height in only a matter of weeks. The best shock training program on the market is definitely Vert Shock.


1st Option)  Adjustable Plyometric Box

Adjustable plyometric boxes are a great space saving option for those of you who undertake your jump training at home.

These boxes can be adjusted at multiple levels within seconds. This option tends to be much more affordable than purchasing multiple plyometric boxes at variable heights.

Plyo Box 1
  • VERSATILE WORKOUT: Rated at a 300-pound weight capacity, step-up your plyometric...
  • ADJUSTABLE LEGS: The Plyo Box stands on two adjustable legs with five lock...

2nd Option)  Wood Plyometric Box ( 3 Heights In One)

Wood boxes are durable and sturdy and often have a larger landing base than adjustable plyometric boxes. These are a great option for clubs and college teams that have multiple athletes training together. These wood plyometric boxes are designed so that you can sit them on any side, which therefore provides 3 different heights in the one box

Plyo Box 2
  • - MAXIMUM EFFORT WITHOUT FEAR: The rounded wood plyo box corners guarantee you...
  • - DRASTICALLY IMPROVED SPORTS PERFORMANCE: Perform a huge selection of exercises...

3rd Option)  j/Fit Plyometric Jump Boxes

These heavy duty jump boxes are commonly used by commercial gyms due their durable construction. These make a great investment for teams that want sturdy equipment that will stay in great condition for many years to come.

Plyo Box 3
  • PLYO BOX SET: 12", 18", 24", 30" set with NO ASSEMBLY required
  • INDESTRUCTIBLE DESIGN: Heavy-duty steel construction, durable non-slip vinyl...

7) Best Jump Ropes For Vertical Jump Training

Jumping rope is often a controversial topic when discussing its relationship to max vert training. Although jumping rope wont help you maximize your max vert it is one of the best conditioning exercises you can do to prepare you body (particularly your tendons) for the high demands of jump training. We go into greater detail on how to use jump rope to help improve vertical jump height in our free course.

1st Option)  Adidas Skipping Rope Set 

This Adidas skipping rope set is a high end jump rope that also provides the ability to add resistance.  The ability to over load the tendons with this rope makes it a great choice for those who want to condition their body in a jump specific manner.

Adidas Jump Rope
  • Adjustable 118" length
  • Easy grip handles

2nd Option)  CANWAY Jump Rope - 360° Swivel Ball Bearing

The Canway jump rope is an excellent option for those of you on a budget but still want a quality jump rope. The 360 degree swivel feature makes this a breeze to use.

No products found.

8) More Useful Vertical Jump Training Accessories

There are a number of other jump training tools on the market that are shrouded in controversy. We have used these products and are pleased to report that they are not "scams" as some sites would like to have you believe. If used correctly that can provide benefits in developing max vertical jumping height. Let's take a look at a few extra jump training accessories that you may like to invest in.

1st Option)  The New Jumpsoles Speed & Jump Training System

This controversial product has been around since the late 80's and has been slammed by many "jump experts" as ineffective. However, we must note that most of these "experts" cut down Jumpsoles in order to sell their own products or jump programs.

We gave them a try and think they do quite a good job at targeting the stretch shortening cycle component of vertical jump development. We went into much more detail in our Jump Soles review if you would like to learn how these shoes can help you add a few extra inches to your jump.

You can also read real feedback from users by clicking the blue button below. From what we have read it all looks very positive.

Jump Soles
  • Builds fast-twitch muscle fiber in the lower leg
  • Includes Training Manual and DVD/CD-ROM

2nd Option) Jump 99 Strength Shoes

Like the Jumpsoles, Strength Plyometric Shoes have been around since the late 80's. The fact that they are still here is a testament to the fact that they do help improve vertical jump height. Click the blue button below to read some insightful feedback from real users of this product. Many people seem to be deriving excellent results.  

These shoes simply strengthen the calves while improving the function of fast twitch muscle fibers and the stretch shortening cycle in the lower limbs. Check out this hilarious clip from Seinfeld which features the Strength Shoes.

Jump Strength
  • 🚀 Increase Your Vertical Jump: Elevate your game with Jump 99 training shoes,...
  • 💥 Turbocharge Fast Twitch Muscles: Our plyometric training shoes enhance fast...

3rd Option) Springbak Athletic Shoe Insoles

Springback insoles are a great piece of technology that you can incorporate on your journey to a higher vertical jump. We go into more detail about this product in our massive review of all the shoes that can help you jump higher.  These insoles help absorb force and essentially spring you back into the air. The more force that you can produce in the downward motion of your jump the higher you will get. That means that as you progress with your jump training you should see greater feedback from the Springbak insoles.

  • SPRINGBAK Springsoles are made from a highly resilient
  • An outstanding 80% energy-return is created

9) Online Vertical Jump Training Systems

There are many jump training systems online. Many are poorly designed and prescribed.

We have reviewed the majority of the popular jump programs that you can buy online and can honestly say that there are only a few worth spending your hard earned cash on.

Follow the links below to learn more about these programs and how they can help take your vertical jump to the next level. Some of these programs are currently heavily discounted from an already affordable price so be sure to check out these deals while they last.

Final Thoughts On Utilizing Vertical Jump Training Equipment To Boost Your Vertical Jump Height

The jump training resources that you have seen in this post can all play a role in helping you add inches to your max vert. However no matter how flash the training equipment, there is one factor that will ultimately make or break your vertical jump success.

That one factor is exactly how much effort you are willing to put in. How bad do you really want to jump higher. You can spend thousands of dollars on a shiny squat rack, but are you going to get your ass under the bar, day after day and do the hard work that it takes to see results.

Use these jump training tools wisely on your journey. All of these vertical jump training aids can play an important role in a well prescribed and programmed vertical jump training program.

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A box jump, as it's name suggests, simply involves jumping up onto a box. In order to optimize vertical jump enhancement benefits from the box jump it is vital to choose the correct size box. The box shoyuld be high enough to challenge your jumping ability but not so high that the movement relies on co-ordination and hip mobility in order to achieve a completed jump. Sure two athletes may claim the same box jump height, but one may have "tucked" the knees up in order to complete the jump. A true box jump should be completed with a landing stance of no greater than 90 degrees of kneee flexion.

The box jump can seem like a very simple exercise however it is important to note that great care must be taken to ensure optimal results and safety. The box jump can be performed in a range of ways. For example
two foot takeoof
one foot take ooff
standing start
running start
start from bottom of squat (static)
Depth jump into box jump

The upper body plays a large role in the ability to dunk a basketball. The arms should work synergistically with the rest of the body during the jump movement. When leading into the penultimate step you should throw your hands down which will increase the downward directed forces. These forces will then be stored and transferred vertically as you rip your arms up explosively in the direction of the hoop. Powerful arm swings can add 5-20% to an thletes dunk height. Even on one handed dunks you can still rip the ball up with two hands at take off.
Focusing on your arms during dunking can feel akward at first. However with a little practice a fierce arm swing will become second nature. Ideally the arms swing should continue on from the flow up trough the kinetic chain initially directed through the many jumping muscles.

Box jumps combined with depth jumps are one of our favourite plyometric exercises. However they do come with significant risk so always follow the advice from an experienced jump trainer. Never skimp on the quality of box you are landing on and always train with mental focus and intensity. Take a few breaths between jumps and visualise your explosive takeoof. Maximise the mind muscle connection throughout every jump.

Final  Thoughts on Box Jumps