Top 5 Shortest Nba Players to Dunk + Tips On How They Jump So High!



March 9, 2017 in NBA Vertical Jump Analysis

Are you under 6 feet tall with dreams of one day throwing down your first dunk? 



I am about to introduce you to Top 5 Shortest NBA Players to Dunk.

These guys are sure to inspire you to want to rise up and throw down your first jam.

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Learn How To Jump High Like These 5 "Vert Freaks"

In this post you will see 5 sub 6 ft tall baller's that defy gravity.

I will also share some simple tips along the way that will teach you how to jump higher than you ever thought possible.

If you are “vertically challenged” and want to learn how to dunk then hopefully this post will inspire you enough to keep your dream of dunking alive.

There are many short people out there who have achieved the elusive slam dunk (check out these inspirational stories of people who taught themselves to dunk).

There is no reason why you can’t be next.

A higher vertical leap is very achievable.

With a little hard work you too can increase your vertical jump height and rise up like the following 5 NBA “vert freaks”.

The 5 Shortest NBA Dunkers List

#5: Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson was one of the most explosive point guards to ever grace the hardwood.

Iverson was listed at a very generous 6ft, however we all know he was more likely closer to 5'9".

Interestingly, Iverson has stated that he never lifted weights during his career.This is an interesting fact as heavy load, low rep weight training is one of the keys to an impressive vertical jump.

So what allowed Iverson to “get up” with the best of them without ever getting his ass under the bar?

Well, one major factor that contributed to Iverson’s impressive vertical was his lean body composition.

With only 4% body fat during his prime he was able to maximise his power to weight ratio.

In fact losing body fat can be one of the easiest and quickest ways to increase your vertical jump height.

Just imagine if you lost 5kg.

You would undoubtedly be able to jump higher without undertaking any vertical jump training whatsoever.

Power to rate ratio is the key to a higher vertical jump.

And remember losing weight is much easier than gaining power for most people.


#4: Chris Paul

Although we don’t often think of Chris Paul as a high riser these days, when he first entered the league he could throw down with the best of them.

In fact in his 2005 NBA Combine he recorded an impressive vertical jump of 38.5 inches in the vertical jump testing component.


#3: Nate Robinson

NBA slam dunk champion Nate Robinson is one of the most impressive “short” dunkers to ever play in the NBA.

In fact, Nate Robinson is listed at only 5’9".

Like Iverson, Nate Robinson also runs at an impressive 4% body fat which subsequently optimizes his power to weight ratio.

However unlike Iverson, Nate commits to a regular weight lifting regime to help optimize lower limb strength.

Weight training is the key to a higher vertical jump for athletes who were not born with superior genetics.

To jump higher you must first develop strength and then convert this into power and reactive ability.

There are many great strength training and vertical jump training exercises that can add inches to your jump.


Jump Programs such as The Flight System Develop Explosive Strength

The higher you can bump up your strength levels the greater the potential maximal jump height that can be derived.

Often athletes who train with heavy weights tend to jump higher off two feet.

This is evident in Nate Robinson’s preference for a double legged take-off.

#2: Ty Lawson

Ty Lawson is one of the most explosive one foot jumpers under 6ft tall.

To jump higher of one foot like Ty, an athlete must have excellent motor control and hip stability.

One of the best ways to improve single leg jumping is to jump more often.

With repetition the body will adapt and produce the most efficient motor control patterns that will allow you jump higher.

Consistency is the key!

However always be aware of the potential for over-training related injuries when doing high volume jumps.

If possible always wear a quality pair of shoes and follow a proven online jump program or hire an accredited trainer to show you how to train for optimal results and safety.

Don't forget to stretch to jump even higher.

One of the world's premier jump experts Jacob Hiller does an excellent job of describing  prescribing exercises to optimise one foot jump height in his all-time best selling jump program The Jump Manual.


#1: Spud Webb

Spud is well known as the shortest NBA dunker to win an NBA slam dunk contest.

With his short frame (and even shorter shorts) he managed to inspire a generation of sub 6 foot tall ballers to believe that they too could someday dunk a basketball.

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Beyond his super low body fat, Spud Webb also had a super high concentration of fast twitch muscles fibres in his lower limbs.

Although you can’t significantly increase the amount of fast twitch fibres in your body you can increase the amount of fibres that are recruited in any given jump.

Recent studies have shown that the best way to increase fast twitch muscle fibre recruitment is to undertake plyometric training.

Think You're Too Short To Dunk? Think Again

These 5 inspiration ballers prove that no matter what your height is you can learn how to dunk a basketball.

Sure it will take a bit of hard work in the gym but it can be done.

Just think how sweet it will be when you rise up above the competition and throw down a massive jam in front of a crowd of unsuspecting spectators.

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