The Ultimate Jumpsoles Review: Do Jumpsoles Really Work Or Are They Harmful?



Do Jumpsoles really work? In this epic Jumpsoles review we will finally uncover the truth behind this intriguing vertical jump training product.

Jumpsoles Good Or Bad? We Supply The Facts... You Decide


In this Jumpsoles review we will delve deep into the pros and cons of this controversial vertical jump training solution. 

We will also investigate the additional Jumpsoles addons and workout program and so that you can make an educated decision before deciding to purchase this popular product.

Warning: Only consider using Jumpsoles if you have completed a quality jump training program and have established a strong plyometric foundation in the lower limbs.


Jumpsoles: The Most Controversial and Misunderstood Piece Of Vertical Jump Training Equipment


The Ultimate Jumpsoles Review: Helpful Or Harmful?

Jumpsoles are a controversial and somewhat misunderstood items of vertical jump training equipment

These strange looking shoe attachments have now been sold around the world for over 20 years.

In this time hundreds of thousands of pairs of Jumpsoles have been sold with many users providing very positive jumpsoles feedback and before and after results.

(Keep reading our Jumpsoles review to see some Jumpsoles testimonials and before and after results).

However on the flip side many people claim that Jumpsoles are a scam and don’t work.

The only problem is many of these people have never tried Jumpsoles or have tried them and used them incorrectly.

Some vertical jump experts even claim that Jumpsoles may cause injuries and hinder jump results.

So do jumpsoles really work or are they just dangerous money burners?

Keep reading our ultimate Jumpsoles review to find out everything you need to know about this controversial piece of jump training gear.

TIP: Be sure to watch the video below. It will give you a brief overview of the Jumpsoles system and workout plan before we get into the specifics of our Jumpsoles review.

Watch This Helpful Jumpsoles Review Video Before We Move On

Hopefully after watching this Jumpsoles video review you know feel a little more familiar with the product and how it is used.

The tips in this video are on point however always be wary of purchasing Jumpsoles second hand as they may come without a manual (or come with an outdated manual).

There are also believed to be fake Jumpsoles on the market which are of an inferior build quality so always do your research before you decide to purchase.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do decide to purchase a pair of Jumpsoles always be sure to purchase a pair with the official workout manual (see the best places to purchase Jumpsoles further along in this Jumpsoles review). One of the major reasons why people succumb to injury with Jumpsoles is because they do not follow the official Jumpsoles training protocol

What Are Jumpsoles?

Jumpsoles are the world's most popular plyometrics frontal training platforms which simply attach to your own shoes.

Essentially, after attaching the jumpsoles to your shoes your calf will be raised approximately 1 ½ inches off the ground.

You then undertake a range of simple plyometric exercises (see below) with the shoes on to help promote the efficiency and effectiveness of fast twitch muscle fibers in the lower leg.


How Do Jumpsoles Work?

If you read our Ultimate How To Jump Higher Guide you would understand just how important it is to train the reactive and elastic components of the musculo-tendon system.

Jumpsoles work by placing stress and stretch on the tendons and muscles of the lower limb through a range of plyometric exercises.


Research has shown that up to 33% of vertical jumping power comes from the muscles surrounding the lower limb and ankles

Over time training with the Jumpsoles (by following the official jumpsoles workout) will help enhance the elastic properties of the muscles and tendons, essentially springing you into the air.

The Jumpsoles work by also enhancing what is known as the stretch shortening cycle and optimizing the elastic properties within the muscles and tendons.

Basically what this means is that your muscles can contract at a higher threshold than they could prior to training with the Jumpsoles.


Are Jumpsoles Bad For You? Are Jumpsoles Dangerous?

Jumpsoles really are a weapon that can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

The problem is not inherently with the Jumpsoles themselves but with the individuals approach to using them as a means of improving their vertical.

It is very common to see novice athletes who want to jump higher take an overzealous approach to jump training.

These athletes may think that more is better and may overlook the official Jumpsoles workout protocol and instead follow workouts on youtube.

This approach to jump training with Jumpsoles is a recipe for disaster.

The scientific training principles that the Jumpsoles system is based on is very sound. They do promote explosiveness and reactiveness in the legs that can lead to a higher jump.

The only problem is that whenever you train with Jumpsoles you are walking a fine line between serious gains and potential overtraining and injuries.

The most common injuries that could result from incorrect training with Jumpsoles are knee, ankle and achilles sprains and strains.

Potential Achilles Injuries When Using Jumpsoles


Achilles Tendon Injuries are a common concern of Jumsoles training. However with correct training and rest protocols risk can be minimised.

When using the Jumpsoles the achilles tendon is placed under a large amount of stress, strain and stretch. 

This stress is a major reason why jumpsoles are so effective at getting the tendons optimized for jumping higher.

However, this dynamic stretching can also potentially lead to injuries of the tendon.

To reduce the likelihood of injuries of the achilles when using jumpsoles:

  • Always follow the official Jumpsoles dynamic warm up (see below)
  • Always follow the official Jumpsoles workout protocol DVD (see below)
  • Take other training into consideration and be aware of potential overloading of the achilles (eg- many people may use Jumpsoles during basketball season or while undertaking a jump program)
  • Make a conscious effort to focus on landing position after every jump. When training with Jumpsoles focus on quality of jumps rather than quantity.

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Are Jumpsoles Bad For Your Knees?


Incorrect training with Jumpsoles can lead to patella tendonosis/tendonitis. Be sure to focus on quality of movement rather than quantity and beware of potential for overtraining

One of the common complaints that we hear about Jumpsoles is that they cause knee pain, particularly patella tendonitis.

We believe that Jumpsoles workouts are quite an advanced training regime. 

Therefore the program is probably not the best option for athletes who have not developed a reasonable plyometric base and learnt the art of jumping correctly.

For these people we recommend a basic weight/gym free plyometric jump program such as the super popular VertShock program.

Quality jump programs like this can help the novice athlete to jump safely and correctly.


Bodyweight plyometric based jump programs like the popular VertShock can help prepare the tendons for the demands of Jumpsole training

Leading jump programs like Vert Shock or the best selling jump program of all time The Jump Manual help prepare the tendons for the demands that Jumpsole training will place on them. 

Most professional jump programs will help you gain 6+ inches in around 8 weeks. In fact many actually guarantee results or your money back.

Take Care When Undertaking Jumpsoles Training

Many people who undertake Jumpsoles training take little pride in ensuring that every jump is completed with correct form and intensity.

In fact, if either intensity or technique are not optimal on every jump you leave yourself susceptible for knee injury and diminished results.

A very common Jumpsole training  technique error that can lead to knee injuries is allowing the knees to ride over the toes during the downward (eccentric) phase of the jump.

This technique flaw can cause a huge amount of unnecessary stress on the patella tendon which could lead to patellar tendonitis/tendonitis.


Always be sure to use proper form when jumping. Ensure correct alignment of the knees and ankles when training with Jumpsoles to lower the risk of injury

Who Can Use Jumpsoles?

Jumpsoles come in sizes: M 8-10 1/2; L 11-14 1/2; XL 15-20.

They are recommended for ages 12 and up or a person with at least a size 5 shoe.


Jumpsoles Exercise Video: Custom Jumpsoles Workout

The following is a helpful video outlining a custom Jumpsoles workout plan.

Although the subject in the video displays decent form we highly recommend following the official Jumpsoles Workout manual (download below).

The official Jumpsoles workout details exactly how to do the exercises and more importantly how often and at what volume.

Only when the Jumpsoles are used within a correctly prescribed and programmed exercise regime are they safe and effective.

JumpSoles Propriocepter review?


The latest version of Jumpsoles can be purchased with the addition of the Proprioceptor System.

The Jumpsoles version 5.0 comes with small holes on the bottom of the foot plant which the rubber proprioceptor plugs can be attached.

These Jumpsoles proprioceptor plugs increase instability causing the muscles,tendons and ligaments surrounding your ankles and feet work overtime.

The ankles are a commonly overlooked component in many jump programs. 

Stronger ankles and feet allow more force to be directed into your vertical.

The creators claim that use of jumpsoles proprioceptors will add up to 3 extra inches to to your vertical jump.

Below is a Jumpsoles Proprioceptor review video which you may find helpful.

Jumpsoles Proprioceptor plugs not only make you jump higher but can make you an all round better athlete.

Do Jumpsoles Really Work? The Evidence


Always purchase Jumpsoles from an official retailer (see list below) to ensure that you are getting an official product and training manual

We have tried both the Jumpsoles and Jumpsoles proprioceptor attachment and are happy to report that both of these options provide an opportunity for users to increase vertical jump height.

We highly recommend sticking to the official workout manual as everything must be done by the book in order to see results while minimising injury.

Just when we thought the Jumpsoles required a high enough level of skill and stability we introduced the proprioceptor plugs to our training regime.

These proprioceptor plugs really challenge the balance and stability of the ankle joints so be sure to ease into these exercises.

These plugs do a fantastic job of targeting the small muscle groups surrounding the ankles which are often overlooked in many of the top vertical jump programs. 

The effectiveness of Jumpsoles can not be disputed as after only a few days our ankles felt stronger and more responsive.

However the risk of injury can not be disputed also.

When wearing the Jumpsoles it is very easy to fall into the trap of trying to push yourself as hard as you would in any other plyo program.

However, when using Jumpsoles always ease into the program or you will pay for it.

Jumpsoles Before and After: Jumpsoles Testimonials

There are countless positive Jumpsoles testimonials on Amazon's sales page.

On that page you can also read Jumpsoles reviews about why people didn't enjoy their experience training with Jumpsoles.

Amazon reviews are known for their trustworthiness so if you want to hear some feedback on the effectiveness of Jumpsoles we highly recommend checking out these reviews.

Click one of the product images below to be taken to a page where you can read their respective Jumpsoles reviews.

  • Easily strap to the front of your shoes
  • Help build up important fast twitch muscle fibers in the lower leg

Jumpsoles Results Caught On Film

Check Out Sam's results after 5 weeks of Jumpsoles. He is 6'2"190 LBS.

Check Out These Jumpsoles results  after 3 months following the program word for word

The Jumpsoles Guarantee

The creators of Jumpsoles guarantee that you will increase your vertical jump by at least 5 to 10 inches while also increasing running speed. If you don’t achieve these results they will give you your money back.

We are happy to recommend the Jumpsoles to our valued readers as we believe these innovative jump training shoes offer an excellent opportunity to increase vertical jump height with the piece of mind that comes with a money back guarantee.

A Closer Look at the Jumpsoles 8 Week Training Program

Many people ask us how long the Jumpsoles program is. After undertaking our througough Jumpsoles review we are able to report that the program is of 8 weeks duration.

The Jumpsoles training program is to be completed 2x per week with 2 days rest in between to ensure rebuilding of the fast twitch muscle fibres.

After completing the 8 week program you will rest for 10 days and then pick up again from week 4. The cycle is then repeated until the goal vertical jump height is achieved.

Here are a few of the exercises that you will complete during the Jumpsoles training program

  • Box jumps
  • Rim Jumps
  • Squat Lunges
  • Step Ups

Do Jumpsoles Increase Your Vertical?

The team here at believe that Jumpsoles are a completely valid piece of vertical jump training equipment and not a scam product as some people would have you believe.

As you have seen from this Jumpsoles review, this product is often very misunderstood.

The Jumpsole shoes are based on quality science based principles and will help the user increase explosiveness and reactivity when used  correctly.

We believe that Jumpsoles should be viewed as a supplement to a quality jump program and probably not best suited to absolute plyometric training newbees.

Jumpsoles are perfect for people who have completed a program like The Jump Manual, VetShock and  BoingVert etc.

Once you complete a cycle of anyone of these quality programs you will probably add at least 10 inches to your jump height.

From this point your tendons would be primed for the demands of Jumpsole training. This would then allow you to go forth and add another 5+ inches, turning you into a complete vert freak.

Where to Buy Jumpsoles Cheap

From our investigations it seems as though Amazon has the best prices and lowest shipping on a range of Jumpsoles equipment and addons.

Click on an image below to view the Jumpsoles page on Amazon...

  • Easily strap to the front of your shoes
  • Help build up important fast twitch muscle fibers in the lower leg

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  • Frontal platform shoes can’t possibly work; wearing them is no different than standing in normal training shoes and raising your heels off of the ground. When wearing the platform shoes, your center of gravity will move forward, and your weight will be centered over the balls of your feet. In addition, you have to accommodate your movements to account for the clunky blocks on your feet; the Jumpsole base is a lot bigger than normal shoes, and that ruins your proprioception. Look at yourself in a mirror from the side while wearing normal shoes, then raise your heels off the ground, and while wearing the platform shoes. There is no difference with your heels off the ground, Jumpsoles or not. The improvements come from the workouts and exercises that most trainees were not doing.

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