The Flight System Review: Take A Look Inside Chris Barnard’s Innovative Jump Program



The Flight System By Chris Barnard: Quick Review Summary


Currently Ranked #4 In The Top 10 Vertical Jump Programs

What We Like

  • Premium Video Demos      
  • Based On The Latest Scientific Jump Training Principles
  • Created By World Renown Strength Coach
  • Develops Each Aspect of the Vertical Jump Independently

Is The Flight System The Best Jump Program For You?


The Flight System provides an innovative approach to jump training that particularly suited to people with a weight lifting background. 

Unlike other jump programs such as The Jump Manual, Vert Code Elite and Vert Shock which have a obvious basketball oriented focus, The Flight System is a little more open ended.

Although it lends itself to improving vertical jump for dunking it does not do so in such a specific way as the aforementioned programs.

However, with this said this is a very minor issue as at the end of the day this program will increase your vertical if you put in the work.

What you then go and do with your improved vert is up to you! if you want to take on The Flight System challenge be prepared to work hard in the gym.

On this program you will do a range of jump specific weight training exercises plus power and olympic lifting. The training protocol consists of a tri-phasic approach. The intensity of the training may cause delayed onset muscle soreness and therefor may not be suitable for in- season training.

This program is not recommended for beginners.

Chris Barnard does a fantastic job of demonstrating these exercises through a HD video demo series.

The Flight System does a great job of incorporating the latest science based evidence in the field of jump training into the program.

It is a lot more expensive than other jump programs on the market that offer much more value for less.

You can compare all of the leading jump programs to The Flight System in this table.

This Flight System review will delve deep into the contents of the innovative new jump program produced by the lead trainer of the world renowned Strength Camp.

We have been eagerly waiting the release of this new era jump program for some time now. After finally getting to have a look over the program we are excited to share our complete Flight System review findings with you.

Can The Flight System compete with all of the other top jump programs we have reviewed?

Let's find out...

The Flight System Review: Does This Strength Camp Produced Program Offer Real Value?


The Flight System is an exciting new vertical jump program by Chris Barnard, head strength coach at the world famous Strength Camp gym is to help you increase your vertical jump at home or in the gym

Mr Barnard has been researching the science of vertical jump optimization tirelessly over the past 6 years.

Over this period he has incorporated his research into the development of a jump training system that has helped many young athletes in his local gym learn how to jump higher

Furthermore, he has now collated this very information in the instantly downloadable "THE FLIGHT SYSTEM" e-media format for the world to enjoy. 

In this review you find out if Mr Barnard's innovative approach to jump training can compete with the leading vertical jump programs on the market such as Vert Shock and The Jump Manual.

So is The Flight System just another over-hyped generic power training program masquerading as a jump program or is it the real deal?

Keep reading our Ultimate "The Flight System" review to find out...


"We hope you find our "The Flight System" review and product comparison helpful in allowing you to decide what truly is the very best jump program for you. We simply lay out the facts so you can make an educated decision"

We Like

  •  HD Quality Exercise Demo Videos
  • Based On Scientific Evidence
  • Created By Well Respected Trainer
  • Very Simple To Follow And Apply
  • Develops Each Aspect of the Vertical Jump Independently.
  • Excellent Exercise Demonstrations
  • Unique Approach To Jump Enhancement

We Don't Like

  • Lack Of Sport Specific Exercise Programming UPDATE: Vert Shock Now Has A Very Impressive Complex Training Add-On Which Is Perfect For Basketball Players> LEARN MORE.
  • Expensive When Compared to Other Leading Jump Programs That Offer Even More Quality Content
  • Very Demanding On The Body and May Lead To Over-training In Novice Athletes.
  • Training Principles May Increase Muscle Mass Which Could Be Counterproductive To Vertical Gains.
  • Variety Of Vertical Jump Training Equipment Required (Olympic Bars, Weights, Plyo Boxes etc)

The Flight System Review Summary:

An Innovative Approach to Jump Training

Chris Barnard's "The Flight System" jump program provides an innovative approach to jump training.

Lack Of Sport Specific Focus

This strength and plyometric exercise based program unfortunately lacks a sport specific focus which is a major positive of some of the best jump programs.

However in saying that we believe that this is the best jump program for American Football or Rugby League/Union athletes due to its approach to training.

It does provide tips and tricks that can help improve vertical jump for basketball but not in as an effective and specific way as other programs we have reviewed. If your main goal is to learn how to dunk a basketball then this probably isn't the best jump program for you.

Get Ready To Put In Work At The Gym!

This program is not for the faint hearted.

The Flight System is best suited for athletes who want to get in the gym and lift heavy weights to improve their vertical jump height.

DON'T  Want To Lift Weights? If you are after a proven weight lifting free jump program check out our Ultimate Vert Shock review.

Great Use Of Scientific Evidence

The Flight System does a fantastic job of incorporating the latest science based evidence in the field of jump training into the program.

If you enjoy learning about the theory behind why you are doing specific exercises you will enjoy this program.

Chris Barnard effectively describes and prescribes training principles such as how to:

  • optimize the stretch reflex of muscles
  • promote increased rate of force development
  • build jump specific strength.

Basically, the program is based round the combination of weight training and shock training with shock jumps.

A Succinct Yet Comprehensive Jump Program

Mr Barnard does a fantastic job of keeping the exercise descriptions to the point and the videos interesting and engaging.

The Flight System is all about bringing intensity to every rep of every phase of the program.

We definitely recommend The Flight System to anyone who wants to learn how to lift weights in order to get stronger and more explosive.

Chris Barnard's "The Flight System" takes an innovative approach to jump training. A range of quality evidence based principles are incorporated into this captivating system. However, this program requires some serious lifting. Begginers may find the complex compound lifting protocols overwhelming. Only purchase this program if you are prepared to put in work at the gym.

Our Final Rating

Who Created The Flight System? Credibility Check


The Flight System is created by world renowned athletic trainer Chris Barnard.

Mr Barnard is the head trainer at Strength Camp USA.

After helping hundreds of local kids learn how to jump higher he decided to collate all of his knowledge into an instantly downloadable e-book series which we now know as The Flight System.

Chris Barnard combines his years of experience as a strength and conditioning expert with knowledge gained during his time at the University of Miami studying applied Kinesiology.

A Trainer Who Actually Walks The Walk Jumps The Jump

Mr Barnard definitely practices what he preaches when it comes to jump training.

In fact, the very principles that he shares in the flight system are the very same methods that took him from a not so shabby 33 inch vertical to an extremely impressive 44 inch vertical jump (see video link below).

It All Comes Down To One Simple Philosophy

Chris Barnard has one major philosophy for jumping higher and this is..

"Get Your Ass Under the Bar"

Be Prepared To Move Some Serious Weight On The Flight System


What Will You Learn In The Flight System

Mr Barnard is a big believer that if you want to get more explosive in your sport you need to undertake certain drills that are designed to teach your body to absorb higher amounts of force efficiently.

From Simple Mobilization Drills To Complex Plyometric Routines

Some simple drills that are incorporated into the program include exercises such as:

  •  depth jumps
  • rebound jumps
  • connected jumps.

As the program moves through the phases more and more complexity is added to the program.

When participating in The Flight System you will move seamlessly from plyometric exercises to weight based exercises such as:

  • Box squats
  • Trap Bar Deadlifts
  • Kettle Bell Band Swings
  • Hang Cleans
  • Medicine Ball Tosses

Chris Barnard: Master Of The Art Of Jump Specific Exercise Prescription and Programming

Of course anyone can tell you to do these exercises, but only when these exercises are incorporated into the correctly prescribed program are they truly effective.

Chris Barnard's years of personal training experience shine through in his professional approach to exercise prescription and programming.

The progressive nature and design of the periodised exercise program is simply outstanding.

In fact, out of all the programs we have reviewed this is one of the most comprehensively designed jump programs we have ever encountered

However if given the choice we would still choose Adam Folker's Vert Shock as it is a more comprehensive and well-rounded program.

The Flight System offers the same easy to follow and enjoyable presentation we have come to admire in programs such as the all-time best seller The Jump Manual (Read Our Ultimate Jump Manual Review ).

Chris Barnard incorporates weight specific jump training in The Flight System to develop components such as:

  • Developed posterior chain
  • Motor patterning
  • Strength/Force
  • Rate of force development

In order to get the most out of this program you will need some weight lifting and vertical jump training equipment such as dumbells and resistance bands.

It is also a good idea to test your vertical jump height before starting the program and at intervals during it to help track your progress.

A Closer Look Into The Flight System Jump Program

During our "The Flight System" review we were continually impressed with the quality of the content included.

Basically the program is based around 5 parameters that can be used to promote vertical jump gains in any athlete. These include:

1. Mobilization-

This parameter focuses on increasing mobility of muscles that can potentially inhibit vertical jump height.

In the Flight System Mr Barnard places a lot of emphasis on stretching the muscles involved in jumping.

We must admit, that out of all the jump programs we have reviewed Mr Barnard has came up with some of the most innovative mobilization and vertical jump specific stretching techniques we have seen in a program.

These stretches allow the participant to mobilize tight muscles which essentially then allows them to contract upon jumping with the least resistance.

These mobilization techniques are incorporated into The Flight System as part of the stretching/warm-up program.

2. Activation-

After the muscles are mobilized others begin to be activated through a range of both static and dynamic exercises.

Chris Barnard places a large emphasis on the gluteals and other posterior chain musculature in this section.

3. Plyometrics- 

Plyometric training is a very important component of The Flight System.

In this component Chris Barnard teaches the reader how to absorb force and transfer this energy into vertical jump height.

The progression of the plyometric exercises are very well designed in the flight system.

Basically you will start with lower box jumps and a shorter depth jump height and progress into more forceful and challenging movements from there. These are similar "shock training methods" as used in the super popular vert shock program.

4. Power- 

This is when you have to start to get your ass under that bar.

Essentially power means moving a weighted load and moving it in a vertical direction as fast as possible.

The Flight System incorporates exercises such as light squats, squat jumps and medicine ball throws in this section.

5. Strength-

The Flight System takes a more complicated approach to strength training than other weight lifting based jump programs on the market.

In this program strength is developed in a tri-phasic manner.

The strength phase is broken down into a block for eccentric, isometric and concentric phases.


Investigating The Flight System's Unique Steps To A Higher Vertical Jump

The Flight System is developed around the novel concept named as "Vertical Release"

Basically the program is designed to "optimize" the nervous system to allow a person to jump higher.

Raising The Threshold Of The Golgi Tendon Organ

To be more precise, the training is designed to raise the threshold at which the Golgi Tendon Organ allows changes to muscular tension.

Specific training principles raise the threshold at which the Golgi Tendon Organ will limit muscle stretch therefore allowing for more muscle excitability and power generation.

Enhancement Of The Elastic Properties Of The Tendons

While the system is focusing on shutting down the Golgi Tendon Organ it is co-currently promoting the elastic properties of the muscles and tendons through optimization of the stretch shortening cycle.

Activation Of Motor Units And Maximum Muscle Recruitment

From this point The Flight System looks to recruit as many muscle groups as possible through motor unit activation training.

Once the motor units are activated the innervated muscle groups are trained in a specific way to develop the force at which these muscles can contract.

Here Is A List Of A Few More Things You Will Learn In The Flight System 

The Flight System Review Verdict

We were genuinely impressed by the quality of the program throughout our entire The Flight System review.

The program is best suited for athletes who have access to a range of gym equipment and want to lift heavy weights.

Although it is marketed to people of any level we believe it is best to be left to athletes with at least some lifting experience.

Some of the lifts are quite complex and therefore come with high potential risk of injury.

There is a lot of information to consume in The Flight System before you achieve vertical mastery.

However, Chris Barnard does a great job of relaying the information in a succinct and enjoyable manner.

Where To Buy The Flight System? 


Chris Barnard's "The Flight System"  is available for purchase as an instant download from the official website (See button below).

All payments are processed through a secure payment system (Mc Affe and Norton Secure Protected).

Here is a screenshot of the checkout page...


We hope that you enjoyed THE FLIGHT SYSTEM review. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. If you have had any experience with THE FLIGHT SYSTEM please comment below. We would love to hear your story. I’m sure our community readers would appreciate it too.

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