Nick Briz Vertical Jump Program Review


Nick Briz Vertical Jump Program Review

Nick Briz Jump Program: Quick Review Summary

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Is Nick Briz The Best Jump Program For You?

The Nick Briz vertical jump training program has to be the most lazy effort at creating a jump program we have seen.

The fact that Nick has the audacity to charge $67 for such a program is laughable considering the quality included in other programs of a similar price.

The "jump program" is broken down into 4 phases. Most of the training variable and details you have to figure out for yourself. The 4 phases include: 

1) Increasing your vertical
2) Bleacher phase- need bleachers of stairs, “sets are up to you” do as many as you can.
3) Court phase- jumps of right and left legs, both legs very basic different approaches. No recommendation from Nick on the periodization and scheduling and he recommends not to do it before you have basketball. Weighted jumps with medicine ball. Basically a dunk session.
4) Highlights- yep you pay $67 to watch videos of him dunking that are readily available on social media.

Hopefully Nick Briz can upgrade the level of content to make it worth the price tag of $67. If you are going to spend the money I highly recommend considering anyone of the other jump program options we have reviewed before parting with your money on this jump program.

You can compare all of the leading jump programs to the Nick Briz Jump Program in this table.

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