Muggsy Bogues Dunk Investigation: Could Muggsy Really Dunk? Myth OR Truth…

The 5-foot-3-inch Tyrone "Muggsy" Bogues was the shortest player to ever play in the NBA. Reports differ concerning whether Muggsy Bogues could really dunk or not.

His hands were too little to palm it. However, he had an unexpected 44-inch vertical jump. So could Muggsy Bogues Dunk? Let's Find Out..


Many people mistook Muggsy Bogues for Spud Webb, and even rumours went round that Muggsy was actually the first shortest man to dunk.

Well they're wrong.

Contrary to popular belief there is no evidence that Muggsy Bogues ever dunked a basketball.

Trust us we have searched every corner of the internet to track down evidence of the elusive Muggsy Bogues Dunk.

Check out his NBA highlight videos.

Not one dunk.

However, with a 44" vertical jump it is not unrealistic to think that at some stage Muggsy threw one down.

Perhaps one day he did indeed dunk.

Unfortunately this was back before the advent of smartphones to capture such a feat.

Anthony Jerome "Spud" Webb was actually the official shortest NBA player to dunk.

Spud Webb went on to win an NBA Slam Dunk Competition in 1996.

At 5"7", he scored two perfect 50-point scores in the last round. 

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