Knees Over Toes Guy Jump Program Review

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Knees Over Toes Guy (Ben Patrick Of A.T.G) Jump Program: Quick Review Summary

Currently Ranked #6 In The Top 10 Vertical Jump Programs

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Is The A.T.G (Knees Over Toes Guy) The Best Jump Program For You?

Ben Patrick otherwise known as the "knees over toes guy" is changing the game when it comes to knee health and sports performance. Previous research suggested that your knees should never go past your toes when undertaking exercises and sporting activities.

Ben's philosophy is that by training the knees through a full range of motion we can improve performance and reduce the risk of injuries. His business, The Athletic Truth Group (A.T.G) have created an online coaching system that aims to improve knee health and develop athleticism.

There are 3 programs available. These include :

  • Knee Ability Zero - 3 sessions per week (M, W, F) with optional upper body, cardio, and flexibility on off days.
  • Dense Strength - 5 days per week (M-F), but the sessions are short
  • Standards Program- 3 sessions per week (M, W, F) with optional Flexibility Standards workouts on off days.

The A.T.G program requires that you meet certain physical "Standards" before you can progress to the next level. These standards prepare the body for more intense future sessions and reduce risk of injuries.

An example of one of these "standards" is single leg back extension with 50% body weight (3 sets of 10 reps) knees over toes squats. Basically you complete the 1 week over and over again until you pass the standards.

This is not the best vertical jump training on the market but definitely worth a look if you have had previous knee injuries or just want to bulletproof your knees. Compared to other vertical jump systems such as The Jump Manual and Vert Shock, the ATG program is very expensive. The ATG website and app have a full breakdown of all the programs and some nice instructional videos.

All the exercises are shown on your calendar and you are guided through them daily by your Coach. You do the exercises for the day, and you send in form videos to your Coach to review. Coaching is not from Ben Patrick directly, but his staff who you can send videos and critique form, stretching.

You do need some very specific equipment for this program.

You can compare all of the leading jump programs to The Knees Over Toes Vertical Jump Program in this table.


This a great program for those of you with knee issues and those who would like to bulletproof your knees but may not be most effective for vertical jump development and optimization.

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