Jump Manual Review: Pro Review, Rating & Comparison

Is Jacob Hiller's All-Time Best Selling Jump Program Still Relevant Today? Find Out In Our Epic Jump Manual Review(2017 Edition)


The Jump Manual was originally created by world renowned vertical jump trainer Jacob Hiller way back in 2008. Since the programs humble beginnings the Jump Manual has seen many content upgrades and addons resulting in the comprehensive system that we are reviewing in this massive Jump Manual Review.

With over hundreds of thousands of copies sold this remains one of the most popular jump programs of this day and age.

So, what makes the Jump Manual the best selling jump program of all-time?

Can this legendary system compete with the new era of exciting jump programs such as the popular Vert Shock System?

 Keep reading our comprehensive Jump Manual review to find out...

Thinking of trying the Jump Manual? Here is a quick overlook of what you will have to commit to!
  • ​1 day per week of plyometric exercises
  • 1 day per week of weight training
  • 2 days per week of core exercises

What Will I Learn In This Jump Manual Review?

In this Jump Manual review we will show exactly what you recieve when you purchase the program (plus bonus gift roundup).

We will also take you for a look through the post purchase member area so you can see the full contents of the program for yourself.

You will also be shown the vertical jump results of our test subject who completed one cycle (12 Weeks) of the Jump Manual.

Simply put, this is without a doubt the most thourough Jump Manual review online.

We have covered everything you need to know, so that if you are deciding to purchase the Jump Manual you can do so with confidence.

BY Vertical Jump World, Last Updated ​October 10, 2017 ​9:31 AM

"We hope you find our honest and comprehensive Jump Manual review and product comparison helpful in allowing you to decide what truly is the very best jump program for you. We simply lay out the facts so you can make an educated decision"

Earnings Disclosure

The Jump Manual Quick Review Summary

Product Name:

The Jump Manual By Jacob Hiller (Edition 2017)

Product Type:

Vertical Jump Program: Online E-Book & Video Series Plus Bonus Gifts


Currently Discounted: $235  Only $67



Ease Of Use


We Like

  •  Long Term Proven Method and Development
  • Premium Support
  • Based On Proven Science Based Evidence (although lacks thorough citations)
  • Emphasises Explosiveness While Minimising Fatigue 
  • Ongoing One-On-One Coaching Available
  • Extremely Generous Bonus Gift Set
  • Regular Training/Content Updates
  • Excellent Exercise Demonstrations
  • Affordable

We Don't Like

  • Some video presentations are of sub-par quality recording (however still contain very valuable info)
  • Background music can get a little annoying with repeated viewing.
  • Requires access to weights/gym  (Not made clear on sales page). Some people may find this misleading. 
  • Heavy weight-lifting schedule may cause significant delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) which may hinder in-season sports performance in the short term

If you are after a quality jump program that doesn't require weight lifting or gym access (and less muscle soreness) why not check out our Epic Vert Shock Review (Overall rating 4.5/5). 

Jump Manual Review Summary:

The Jump Manual leaves no stone unturned and thoroughly explains every element of the jump enhancement process including:

  • strength
  • explosiveness
  • nerve recruitment
  • fuel, stability
  • form
  • flexibility
  • body composition
  • genetic aspects
  • plus much more.

Mr Jacob Hiller's vast experience and vibrant personality shines through in the Jump Manual.

The fact that Mr Hiller offers a full 60 day guarantee and promises that you will gain 10-12 inches on your vertical jump or your money back demonstrates his supreme confidence in the system.

Jacob Hiller's dedication to constantly updating his system keeps his program ahead of the game.

After reviewing most of the leading programs on the market we are happy to say that no other system offers such comprehensive support and guidance.

It is this personal touch that keeps the Jump Manual at the top of our best vertical jump program list.

A must have program for those serious about increasing their vertical jump in a safe and effective manner.

Learn more at the >>> Official Jump Manual Website

 ​The Jump Manual Review

​Editors Choice

The Jump Manual continues to set the benchmark for jump programs. The quality of the content is simply remarkable and when considering the incredible bonus gifts this is definitely a superior option for those wanting to jump higher. Jacob Hiller has done an outstanding job at remaining ahead of the game!



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The Jump Manual Review: Is the Jump Manual Still the #1 Jump Program in the World?

This week our team here at Vertical Jump World.com are super excited to present our valued readers with our comprehensive Jump Manual Review.

If you have been searching the internet lately for information on vertical jump programs you would have no doubt been exposed to the Jump Manual and the company’s strong online marketing presence.

Heavy Promotion: A Popular Jump Manual Advertisment You May Have Seen Around 

Important Info If You Are Considering Purchasing A Jump Program: Be aware of untrustworthy jump training related websites and social media promotions. We are sure you have already been exposed to these sites online. They are easily identifiable. Have you noticed that these sites contain obviously biased info and reviews that are purely focused on the one program which they are promoting? Become an educated consumer of vertical jump related products and compare the market with our comprehensive and honest reviews. Compare the market here.

Want To Learn All About The Jump Manual? Watch The Official J.M Website Video 


The Jump Manual is currently the number 1 selling vertical jump training program on the market and has been for some time now.

We were first exposed to the Vertical Jump Manual back in 2008, a time in which the Jump Manual stood alone in the vertical jump training program marketplace. Times have now changed with a number of high quality vertical jump programs entering the market.

The aim of our Jump Manual Review was to determine if this extremely popular program is still relevant today and if it's quality and content stands up to that of the new era of exciting vertical jump programs such as Vert Shock and The Flight System.

Did You Know?
61000 + Copies Of The Jump Manual Have Been Sold Worldwide

Alright, let's get straight into our comprehensive Jump Manual Review shall we...

What Exactly Is The Jump Manual?

what is in the jump manual

Jump Manual Layout Screenshot: Looks A Little Outdated But Very Easy To Navigate 

The Jump Manual is a comprehensive 12 week vertical jump program that guarantees significant enhancement of your vertical jump or your money back.

The Jump Manual includes a combination of both written and video content covering everything from jump techniques, nutrition, strength/plyometric training, recovery techniques plus much more (we will go into greater detail of what’s included in the program very shortly in our Jump Manual Review).

For now let's take a closer look into the main topics covered within the tabbed content of the Jump Manual:

J.M Menu Tab 1: Essential Variables of Explosiveness:

J.M Menu Tab 2: The Science Of Optimal Results:

J.M Menu Tab 3-7: All the Small Stuff That Counts:

J.M Menu Tab 10: Jumping Form

While undertaking our Jump Manual review we were pleased to see that it also contains info on commonly overlooked, yet important topics such as wearing the correct footwear, how to palm a basketball and how to overcome hereditary factors in order to jump higher.

These handy tips are extremely helpful if you would one day like to throw down a dunk or spike a volleyball like the pros.


The Jump Manual Is An Excellent Option For Those Wanting To Achieve Their First Dunk

This revolutionary jump program has developed a cult following partly thanks to the quality of the content, personalised coaching access and valuable bonus gifts.

The program is usually much more expensive than other programs, however the Jump Manual is currently reduced to only $67 ($229 regular value). Checkout the link below for more details!

We believe the Jump Manual offers extraordinary value for money at this price point when considering just what is included in the program and comparing it to other popular programs on the market. We encourage anybody who is serious about increasing their vertical jump to take full advantage of this limited time offer.

Who Created The Jump Manual? Credibility Check

The Vertical Jump Manual is created by professional strength and conditioning trainer Jacob Hiller.

Mr Hiller is a certified vertical jump trainer with over a decade of experience including roles training NBA and Olympic athletes.


Jacob Hiller (left) first developed the first versions of The Jump Manual way back in 2006. He hasn't stopped developing it, and continues to add more value to the program each year.

When undertaking our Jump Manual review we were very pleased to see that Mr Hiller actually walks the walk (or should we say jumps the jump) when it comes to vertical jump training.

Mr Hiller has put his training principles to practice and has acquired an impressive vertical jump of 44” (Check Out The Video Below To See For Yourself).

Thats right.

This dude can seriously get up with the best of them!

His story is actually quite inspiring as he wasn't born a gifted athlete, but instead earned his impressive vertical jump through hard work, smart training.

Here are a few of Jacob's favourite vertical jump training mantras that have helped him jump higher:
  • Train explosion, not endurance
  • Keep your workouts in the "improvement zone" or don't train at all
  • Treat each rep with the focus and intensity of a single event

Want To Learn More About Jacob's Impressive Vertical? Watch The Video Below

Mr Jacob Hillier and his Jump Program have been featured in many online and offline media publications such as ESPN, Sports Illustrated and Men's Health.

Behind the scenes Mr Hiller is a dedicated family man who continually reinvests into his Jump Manual product in an attempt to keep it one step ahead of the rise of a new era of quality competition.

Hillier continues to travel the world and coach athletes. He has visited over 22 countries and trains in 4 different languages.

What Does It Look Like Inside The Jump Manual Program?

Once you purchase the Jump Manual you will gain direct access to the interactive e-book. Yep, you can get started today!

This in depth guide contains 12 chapters of absolutely everything you will need to know in order to increase your vertical jump (Well, of course you still have to do the hard work!).

Below you will see a few screen shots that display the overall layout of the program. Last time we checked out the Jump Manual back in 2012 we thought it needed a serious makeover.

We were pleased to see that Jacob Hiller has invested in an upgraded Web 2.0 design to compete with other slickly designed programs such as Vert Shock and The Complete Vertical Jump Training System.

As you can see from the screenshots below it is beautifully designed with an extremely intuitive layout.

It is obvious the Mr Hiller has continued to develop the layout of the program and contents over the past decade to make very easy to read, follow and apply

However, there are a few explainer videos included that seem a little outdated. This is only a minor issue as even though some videos aren't flashy and polished they still contain insightful yet concise information. 

The attention to detail throughout all aspects of the Jump Program is what sets this system apart from many of the other jump programs on the market. No other program provides such a thorough breakdown of exactly what it takes to improve one's vertical jump.

Our Rating= 4.7/5                 

A Popular J.M Advertisment You May Have Seen On High Rotation Around The Web 

Interactive High Definition Demonstration Videos

Simple To Follow Science Based Info


Also Covers Topics Such As Diet & Mindset


Keep reading our Jump Manual Review for a complete breakdown of the contents and bonus gifts

A Closer Look At The Jump Manual Workouts

The workouts are fittingly named the "max explosion workouts" which are programmed in 2-week cycles that train specific components of the vertical jump.

The program is designed to be completed in 12 weeks, however the cyclic nature of the program allows you to continue to develop your jump for as long as you like (we definitely recommend to take a week off before repeating another 12 week cycle to assist recovery of nervous system).

Workout 1:

This workout focuses on explosiveness. Exercises in these workouts include plyometric and other jumping movements. Resistance is also added to really get those muscle fibres firing.

Many other popular programs focus more on explosive bodyweight exercises (eg-Vert Shock) whereas The Jump Manual heavily emphasises resistance based exercises in combination with plyometrics.

Jacob Hillier does a fantastic job on educating the viewer on the evidence based reasoning behind his specific exercise programming protocols.

Workout 2:

This workout is named the core series. Yep, you guessed it! This component focuses on a range of exercises that are designed to strengthen the core. Jacob explains why core training is often an overlooked component in many popular jump programs.

He explains how this links the upper and lower limbs to maximise jump biomechanics while also improving stability and reducing injury risk.

Workout 3:

This workout sees the participant lifting some serious weights. Be prepared to perform squats, deadlifts and other strength exercises that will get you stronger than ever before.

Of course lifting comes with a great risk of injury. Jacob does a nice job of explaining every exercise to ensure you do them effectively and safely.

These weight exercises will not only improve your vertical jump but will also dramatically help other strength based aspects of your sport (for example boxing out and rebounding in basketball).

Another great strength development centred jump program is The Flight System​ >> Read Full Flight System review here

Workout 4:

These are your “off day” recovery exercises. On these days you will work on increasing flexibility and mobility while also performing some light jumps to keep the tendons firing. 

Increase In Muscle Mass Is A Common Welcomed "Side Effect" Of Completing The Jump Manual

Important: If you are thinking about undertaking The Jump Manual during your sporting season be prepared to deal with delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) from the heavy lifting.

This can really affect performance in some cases so it is definitely something to consider. If you believe this may be an issue for you it may be a wiser choice to select a quality jump program that doesn’t focus on so much heavy lifting yet still guarantees results.

We recommend the Vert Shock program in this case as it tends to produce less DOMS.

You can compare all of the most popular jump programs currently available here

How Often Will I Need To Train?

Workouts 1,3 and 4 are performed once per week while the core series is performed on twice per week. So be prepared to workout at least 5 days per week with some light stretching on most days.

What Results Can You Expect from Participating in the Jump Manual Program?


The Jump Manual guarantees an increase of 10 inches in vertical jump height in 12 weeks or your money back.

The team here at VerticalJumpWorld.com love it when developers stand behind their programs by offering such a generous guarantee!

Test Subject: Jump Manual Results By An Actual User

Although our team had previously completed the entire 12 weeks of the Jump Manual back in 2011 when the program was still in it's infancy we knew we had to put the updated program to the test.

As the program is often targeted towards beginners we enlisted the help of a novice athlete (Age=16, Height=6ft, Weight=165 pounds, Vertical Jump= 19 inches) who was determined to improve his vertical and dedicate at least 5 days per week to the cause.

The results are as follows:

Table 1: Amount Increase (Inches) In Vertical Jump Over 12 Weeks


As you can see our test subjects results are less than the guaranteed results of 10 inches in the 12 week period.

However due to work commitments the test subject could only complete 3 workouts per week for 5 of the 12 weeks which we believe has reduced his potential vertical jump results significantly.

Nevertheless, the athlete still reports greater explosiveness and overall performance in his sport of volleyball (Note: Subject gained 5.5 pounds over the 12 week period which we assume to be predominantly lean muscle mass- skinfolds not recorded sorry!)

Overall, we are very impressed by the increase in vertical jump (from 19 inches-27 inches) considering the obvious increase in muscle bulk.

Real User Feedback: Testimonials

There is an abundance of inspiring Jump Manual before and after stories plasted all over the internet. Check out the links below to see some of these before and after stories for yourself.

John Moran, Professional Volleyball Player

"The Jump Manual is the most trusted and comprehensive vertical jump training solution available."

What Is Included In The Jump Manual? (+ Bonus Gifts)


During the process of our Jump Manual review we were surprised to see even more valuable content upgrades added.

It is the continual development of the program content and bonus products that ensures that The Jump Manual stays relevant in a market full of competitive programs.

As you will see below, Jacob Hiller has endeavored to make the process of increasing your vertical jump as fool-proof as possible by covering every aspect of jump enhancement process in exquisite detail.


The High Definition Exercise Video Library:

We were very impressed by the quality of the HD video exercise demos. In the past a major downfall of Mr Hiller's program was the quality of his exercise demo videos. He has rectified this issue by re-recording high quality versions plus adding a handful of new exercises that are unique to this program.


Best yet, these videos can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet or desktop. Mr Hiller's personality shines through on these videos. He does a fantastic job explaining how to undertake the exercises in an effective and safe way while also inspiring and motivating you to get the most out of your sessions.

If you are one of our valued readers you would know that we have seen our share of jump programs. To our surprise the Jump Manual introduced us to a range of exercises that we had never encountered. These got us super pumped up to try and have now become some of our favourite go to jump exercises around the office gym.​


The Jump Manual E-Guides:


The techniques included in the Jump Manual have been tested on thousands of athletes over the years and modified accordingly.

The most recent version of the Jump Manual includes an amalgamation of Mr Hiller's experience over his past 12+ years of training professional athletes.

Here is a closer look at the contents...

The Jump Manual develops 9 specific elements of the vertical leap including:

  • strength
  • explosiveness
  • nerve recruitment
  • fuel
  • stability
  • form
  • flexibility
  • body composition
  • genetic aspects.

As you can see the Jump Manual covers every aspect of vertical jump enhancement process.

Unlike other programs this one delves into important topics such as pre and post session nutrition, the scientific reasoning behind the protocols and how to obtain the correct mindset to ensure you achieve your set goals.


Ongoing One-On-One Training With Jacob Hiller

One-on-one training is the only way to ensure that all your individual personal questions are answered so you can have 100% confidence in your training program.

Jacob Hiller is by far the most generous of all vertical jump trainers in terms of sharing his knowledge with those who want to jump higher.

This is a fantastic opportunity that is definitely worth the price of admission and then some when considering Mr Hillier's exorbitant one on one personal training prices. 


The Lean Power Protocol

The Lean-Power-Protocol includes details on exactly what to eat and when to eat in order to optimize your vertical jump. Jacob Hillier has included some specific dietary protocols to help your muscles grow 20% faster.

The nutritional Lean Power Protocol component of the The Jump Manual is a vital addition that covers important topics that many jump programs neglect.

These powerful techniques will help you optimize your hormones allowing you to maximise lean mass and recover from your intense training sessions. Don't neglect the diet side of things when on a jump program or you will burn out. Trust us, it happens all the time to novice athletes. 

There are also some great tips that teach you how to torch the fat while gaining jump specific muscle mass and strength.


Instant Inches Bonus Program

This cool addition includes revolutionary techniques that you can apply to help you start increasing your vertical jump today. It includes simple yet often overlooked tips such as how to approach your jump correctly to instantly add 2 inches plus.

We tried these techniques here at the office and we were very impressed with the results. 2 inches is quite a considerable increase in vertical jump height considering the 45 minutes of invested time.

This manual also describes how to develop the correct motor patterning and tendon activation prior to contacting the ground so you can maximise power and explosion through ground contact. These supposedly exclusive techniques are nothing new to our team.

These techniques are simply a rehash of the physiological principles of the stretch shortening cycle. However, the language and professional presentation makes it a treat to read, follow and apply.

During our Jump Manual review we were introduced to the concept of how development of incorrect muscle memory can be detrimental to your vertical jump.

We found these concepts to be quite innovative. Once again Mr Hiller has shown us why he has been the world's leading vertical jump trainer over the past 12+ years.

In this section you will also find some great tips on how to maximise the electrical impulses that travel from the brain to the jumping muscles. To be more specific the impulses that travel through the central nervous system, into the peripheral nervous system which then finally innervate the motor neurons which control the “jumping muscles”.

How Does The Jump Manual Compare To Other Popular Programs?

Currently the battle of the best jump programs comes down to 2 major players, The Jump Manual VS Vert Shock.

Of course their are other quality jump programs out there (we have reviewed and compared the best jump programs on the market here>) ,however few are as comprehensive as these two.

Readers frequently ask us for our opinion on choosing The Jump Manual vs Boing Vert.

After purchasing and delving into both programs​ we are confident to say that choosing The Jump Manual is a no brainer in this case.

So if you are considering buying a vertical jump program you really must ask yourself one question "Jump Manual Vs Vert Shock, which one is best for me?".

Let me do my best to help answer that question for you...

The Jump Manual Vs Vert Shock

Both offer fantastic support and have an elegant and intuitive design. Both are interesting and inspiring.

Basically, it comes down to if you want to lift weights and gain muscle but perhaps deal with some muscle soreness or not. If this is not a problem definitely choose the Jump Manual.

It is the most sustainable program that will see you increasing your vertical for years to come due to the focus on progressive overload. 

Lifting weights maximises the window of jump enhancement opportunity in the future (turns that hard earned strength into explosiveness).

If you only have 8 weeks to commit, want fast results and don't have access to gym equipment/don't want to deal with constant muscle soreness then choose VertShock (predominantly bodyweight exercises). This is a fantastic program but it won't allow you to continually make huge gains beyond the initial 8 week program like the Jump Manual will.

 2 Of The Best Jump Programs Currently Available

The Jump Manual Review Verdict

We give The Jump Manual a massive thumbs up. This program continues to innovate and lead the way in vertical jump information and resources.

Continual Added Value

We were continually impressed throughout our Jump Manual review process by the fact Jacob Hiller has continued to add more and more value to the program over the past 10 years rather than be satisfied with his previous best selling versions.

Excellent Guarantee

The current edition of The Jump Manual contains everything we expect to see in an all encompassing vertical jump program. The fact that Mr Hiller is now offering a 60 day money back guarantee so people can try it out for themselves in a low risk manner is a great incentive for novice jumpers to give it a go. 

A Holistic No B.S Approach To Jump Training

Not only does the Jump Manual provide an abundance of proven exercise and nutrition protocols but also unmatched customer service and direct access to a world class professional trainer.

There are other programs that come very close in all of our review criteria to the Jump Manual but ultimately this program still trumps all competition. Mr Hiller’s experience shines through on all of the included resources, whether written or video based.

His NO BS approach is a breath of fresh air in a marketplace that is often overhyped by under qualified trainers.

Mr Hiller tells it like it is. He will tell you that the journey is not going to be easy. To get results you have to put in the work. He does however make the process extremely simple to follow with his professional and intuitive design.

Throughout our Jump Manual Review we were continually impressed by the vast scope and laser focused detail included the program.

Develops Every Aspect Of The Vertical Jump

The Jump Manual leaves no stone unturned and thoroughly explains elements such as: strength, explosiveness, nerve recruitment, fuel, stability, form, flexibility, body composition, and genetic aspects. Every aspect that will affect your vertical jump has been covered in succinct detail.

We also found the sport specific basketball and volleyball tips very helpful. We are sure you will too.

Mr Jacob Hiller is a proven vertical jump professional who not only talks the talk but also walks the walk. His experience shines through in the Jump Manual. The fact that Mr Hiller offers a full 60 day warranty and promises that you will gain 10 inches on your vertical demonstrates that he has supreme confidence in his program.

We love it when authors stand behind their product and wish it would happen more often amongst vertical jump program developers.

Overall we are confident to recommend the Jump Manual to our valued readers.

Thousands of people around the world have had amazing success with the Jump Manual, perhaps you could be next.

Thankyou for taking the time to read our Jump Manual Review. We hope you found it helpful.

Good luck on achieving a higher vertical jump. Put in the effort and you will get amazing results.

The Official VerticaljumpWorld.com Jump Manual Review Rating


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Where To Buy The Jump Manual? 


Jacob Hiller's Jump Manual program is available for purchase as an instant download from the official website (See button below).

All payments are processed through a secure payment system (McAffe and Norton Secure Protected).

Here is a screenshot of the checkout page...


The Jump Manual by Jacob Hillier

$235 Currently Only $67 (Get In Fast!)


We hope that you enjoyed our Jump Manual review. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. If you have had any experience with the Jump Manual program please comment below. We would love to hear your story. I’m sure our community readers would appreciate it too.

Here Are A Few More Helpful Things You Will Lean In The J.M...

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  2. Peterson, Mark D., Matthew R. Rhea, and Brent A. Alvar. “Applications of the Dose-Response for Muscular Strength Development: A Review of Meta-Analytic Efficacy and Reliability for Designing Training Prescription.” The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 19.4 (2005): 950
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The Jump Manual Review Most F.A.Q

UPDATE: Since we have completed our review of the Jump Manual we have received many questions from our readers related to the Jump Manual program. Therefore we have decided to collate the most common questions we receive from our readers in the following F.A.Q list.

We hope it helps answer any questions that we may not have answered in our Jump Manual Review above.

  • does the jump manual really work?
  • does the jump manual make you faster?
  • how long does the jump manual take?
  • is the jump manual legit?
  • is the jump manual a dvd?
  • how many days a week is the jump manual?
  • is the jump manual worth it?
  • how tall is jacob hiller?
  • who is jacob hiller?
  • Where Can I Get The jump manual pdf free download?
  • Should I play ball when starting The Jump Manual or just focus on the program only?
  • Is the Jump Manual A Scam?/Is Jacob Hiller a scam?
  • Do you have more any of the jump manual before and after stories to share?
  • jacob hiller vertical jump. Is it REALLY 44 inches?
  • How much time do the Jump Manual workouts take?
  • Where to buy the jump manual?

Be prepared to spend about 5 hours spread across the 6 days of training week as a minimum. You also have the option to incorporate a few light recovery sessions as well.