Isaiah Rivera Jump Program Review 2021 (THP Strength): Does It Work?


Isaiah Rivera jump program review

Isaiah Rivera Jump Program: Quick Review Summary

Currently Ranked #7 In The Top 10 Vertical Jump Programs

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  • Premium Video Demos      
  • Based On The Latest Scientific Jump Training Principles
  • Created By Professional Dunker

Is The T.H.P (Isiah Rivera Jump Program) The Best Jump Program For You?

T.H.P is an expensive monthly online vertical jump coaching and training system created by Isaiah Rivera and John Evans. To access the T.H.P system you will have to fork up $79-139 and continue to pay these costs each and every month.

You get what you pay for with this system. The top price tier will give you access to video analysis, high priority responses from the coaches, monthly calls and access to group chat. 

After you sign up online you will be asked to complete a questionnaire asking about goals and previous training history and then they send you a response program in 24-48 hrs. After that you will also get added to the group chat.

The T.H.P workouts are drip fed a week at a time at a time to keep you engaged (and paying) which is very frustrating. The first thing in each session is a joint health questionnaire (knees and tendons) . The program includes heaps of dynamic warm-ups and the usual strength and plyo exercises as seen in the other popular programs. Plyos first and then strength training on leg days. The program is big on olympic lifts and sprints.

T.H.P does have a great selection of innovative core exercise routines and Rivera's tips on dunk technique are helpful.

Considering the price of the program, the demonstration videos are very ordinary. Most videos feature random people doing exercises not the people who create the program. We would like to see Isaiah Rivera completing the routines.

All of the programs listed above get results at a much cheaper price than the T.H.P system. However if you are cashed up, have money to burn each month and require a coach to hold your hand through the process of obtaining a higher vertical jump then you may like this option.

If you cant afford access to this program you can still get just as great results with much more affordable and proven 8-12 week jump programs such as Vert Shock or The Jump Manual.

You can compare all of the leading jump programs to the T.H.P Jump Program this table.

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