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You are about to witness the ultimate collection of the highest vertical jumps ever recorded on film.

In the following article you will find videos and information highlighting the highest jumps from a range of sports and exercise activities.

The explosive abilities of the vertical jump "freaks" that you are about to see are truly astonishing. We will also give tips on how you can jump higher along the way.

So who has the record for the highest jump ever?

Let's take a look... 


Feature Photo Credit: C-Town Throw Down, by Erik Drost, licensed under CC BY 2.0 (modified from original)

The Highest Vertical Jumps Ever (Complete List)

The term “highest vertical jump ever” can be interpreted in many ways.

Vertical jumps can be performed and tested in a range of situations and scenarios.

For example a vertical jump can be observed in strict testing conditions or under game situations.

A vertical jump could be in the form of a box jump or perhaps a slam dunk.

When constructing this post our aim was to give you a look at the highest vertical jumps ever recorded in a range of different sport and fitness environments.

 Highest Vertical Jumps Table Of Contents

World Record Vertical Jump: Official Highest Vertical Jump In The World

One popular method used for the testing of vertical jump world record height is the standing 2 foot jump.

No run-up is permitted for this vertical jump test.

The current highest vertical jump world record holder for this particular jump is Canadian Evan Ungar.

Check out Evan Ungar's impressive vertical jump world record attempt in the video below.

Evan Unger Vertical Jump World Record Holder

Evan Ungars vertical jump world record was recorded on the 16th June 2016.

Mr Ungar successfully completed a very impressive jump of 1.616 metres (5.3 ft/63 inches) to clinch the record for the highest standing vertical jump ever.

Evan Ungar stands only 5 ft 10.5 inches tall.

Therefore, his vertical jump world record is almost as high as his standing height. WOW!

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Check out the video below to see Evan Ungars impressive vertical jump world record effort.

This is one of the highest vertical jumps ever recorded and documented under official record testing conditions.


Justin Bethel  (Previous Vertical Jump World Record Holder)

Evan Ungars recent standing jump test effort was enough to beat the previous holder of the highest vertical jump in the world Justin Bethel.

The video below shows Justin Bethel's previous (2011) vertical jump world record effort of 1.52 m (5 ft/ 60 inches).

Darren Jackson (Previous Vertical Jump World Record Holder)

Prior to Justin Bethel breaking the vertical jump world record the title was held by Darren Jackson of Australia.

The highest vertical jump record at this stage (2011) was 58.1 inches / 147.7cm.

Kevin Banta ("Unofficial" Current Vertical Jump World Record Holder)

Interestingly, a man by the name of Kevin Banta has released a video of him beating the current standing two foot vertical jump world record.

In the video you will witness Kevin Banta's massive 64 inch standing vertical jump.

This is unofficially the highest standing vertical jump we have witnessed. 

Check it out!

Check Out The Crazy High Vertical Jump's On These Guys

Take a look at the video below of a few guys casually jumping up on a stack of weights from a standing start.

Very, very impressive indeed!


Jordan Kilganon's Impressive Running Vertical Jump 

Another very impressive yet unofficial vertical jump record comes from none other than the worlds #1 professional dunker Jordan Kilganon.

Although this is not an official standing box jump record we thought you might enjoy checking out his impressive jump.

He takes a short run up for this two foot jump but manages to achieve an impressive 73 inches. 

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Highest Vertical Jump In NBA: Past and Present NBA Vertical Jump Records

When talking about the highest vertical jumps in the NBA we can refer to either the official NBA combine results or estimates based on in game/training footage.

First of all let's have a look at the official NBA combine vertical jump test results.

What is the average vertical jump height of an NBA player?

The average vertical jump height of an nba player is 28 inches.

>> See all of our NBA Vertical Jump Analysis


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Justin Anderson (Recent NBA Combine Vertical Jump Test Winner) 

The Most recent highest vertical jump in the NBA combine was recorded by Justin Anderson at a not to shabby 43 inches.

Top 5 official NBA vertical jumps in combine testing since 2000



Jump Height 


Kenny Gregory 

45 1/2 “


Shane Larkin



Markel Brown 

43 ½”


Tim bowers 

43 ½ “


Jahii Carson 

43 ½”

Why Don't The Big Name Players Do Combine Testing?

You may have noticed that none of the big named players are mentioned in the top combine results.

Where are Michael Jordan, Vince Carter and Lebron James vertical jump results etc?

The thing is that the combine is not compulsory and many of the big names choose to skip the weekend. The big named players agents and managers usually recommend they don’t attend. There is always a risk of injury and many do not need to prove themselves to talent scouts by this stage.

Before we move onto show you the vertical jumps heights of your favorite NBA stars we just have to share some crazy footage from NBA D league player DJ Stephens.

DJ Stephens Vertical Jump Is Crazy High

DJ Stephens has an incredible vertical leap of around 47 inches. Here is a video of him kissing the rim. 

Highest Vertical Jumps In the NBA: Official & Unofficial Vertical Jump Heights of your Favorite NBA Players

We have manage to track down a number of videos of your favorite NBA players vertical jump results.

As you will see some of these athletes perform much better off a running jump than standing jump thanks to their reactive abilities.

Many readers ask us "who has the highest vertical jump in the NBA?".

It is extremely difficult to say who which NBA player has the highest vertical jump.

However, here are some NBA players who we believe have completed some of the most impressive vertical jumps ever recorded on film.

Gerald Green Vertical Jump Height

Gerald Green is one of the most explosive players in the NBA and has an estimated vertical jump height of 44 inches. 

Zac Levine Vertical Jump Height

Zac Levine has a standing vertical jump of 39” yet a massive 44” vertical jump off just a few steps. 

Andrew Wiggins Vertical Jump Height

Andrew Wiggins has a reported vertical leap of 46” inches which from looking at the footage looks about right. Wow! 

Vince Carter Vertical Jump Height

Vince carter in his prime had an impressive max vertical running jump height of 50 inches. One of the greatest dunkers in the world ever, if not the G.O.A.T. His 43 inch vertical leap allowed him to jump over and dunk on 7 foot tall defenders. >> Learn more about Vince Carter's vertical jump height.

Lebron James Vertical Jump Height

Lebron James has a reported vertical jump of 40+ inches. This is an extremely impressive effort considering Lebrons size.

But what more would we expect from the king.

In fact, in order to elevate his 250 pound body off the ground to that height he needs to generate a whopping 1600 pounds of force.

You can learn more in our analysis of Lebron James vertical jump.

Lebron James Vertical

Old Time NBA Players Vertical Jump Height

Let’s not forget the legends...

Michael Jordan Vertical Jump Height

Michael Jordan's vertical jump was officially measured at North Carolina.

It is believed that during the era of 90-94 Jordan had a running vertical leap of 50+ inches. You don’t get a nickname like "Your Airness" for no reason. 

Check out our investigation into Michael Jordan's vertical jump for more info on exactly what M.J did to jump so high.

Michael Jordan vertical jump height

Wilt Chamberlain Vertical Jump Height

Wilt Chamberlain is an extremely interesting case. He stood 7'1" tall with a wingspan of 7'8". He is believed to be the strongest man to ever player in the NBA.

He is the only NBA player to ever score 100 points in a game and averaged 50.4ppg in an NBA season.

On top of his unbelievable physical features he had a massive vertical jump. It is predicted that Wilt Chamberlain had a vertical jump of 40+ inches which is extremely impressive for a man of his size.

Watch a video below of him getting his hands up to the top of the backboard. 

>> Learn more about Wilt Chamberlain's vertical jump height.

Spud Web Vertical Jump Height

We can't forget Spud Webb. Standing at only 5ft 7 with a 46 inch vertical jump.

He and Muggsy Bogues made "small ball" cool in the 80's and 90's.

The Highest Vertical Jump In The NFL

The vertical jump test is used at the NFL combine as a test of lower body power. Interestingly many of the NFL players have higher standing vertical jumps than NBA players.

NFL players spend more time strength and power training which has shown to significantly boost vertical jump height if programmed correctly.

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The NFL combine vertical jump record is held by Gerald Sensabaugh who achieved an incredible height of 46" at the 2005 combine.

Unfortunatly there is no video available for this jump.

Here is an even more impressive video of NFL prospect Josh Imatorbhebhe at the Nike Football Camp.

Josh Imatorbhebhe Vertical Jump Height

In this video Josh achieves an incredible 47 inch standing vertical leap. What is even more impressive is his hand time at the top of the jump.

Take note of how he seems to hover in the air for a moment.

This hang time is created by his explosive arm movements.

Chris Conley Vertical Jump Height

Check out this 45" vertical by NFL prospect Chris Conley.

High Jump World Record in Track and Field

The world record holder for the high jump is Javier Sotomayor.

In 1993 Javier Sotomayor of Spain jumped a massive 2.45 m (8 ft 1⁄2 in)

Javier is the only person to ever clear 8ft.

However, his actual standing vertical jump height in his prime is reported to be an astonishing 50 inches. 

He achieved this amazing jump by following vertical jump training exercises and a shock training protocol.

Highest Vertical Jump In Volleyball

Leonel Marshall is 6'5" tall and in his prime had a 50"+ vertical jump.

Be sure to check out our massive article that will show you how to jump higher for volleyball.

Highest Vertical Jump In AFL Combine

The highest vertical jump in the AFL combine was 188 cm (34.5") by Marvin Baynham.

Highest Vertical Jump Ever: Honorable Mentions (MUST SEE)

Here is a collection of some of the very best in game/training vertical jumps ever recorded on camera.

The guys below are pure vertical jump freaks, many of whom have joined the exclusive 50"inch club. Enjoy...

T Dub Vertical Jump Height

T Dub is a 5’9 streetballer. It has been reported that he has a legitimate 50 inch vertical. By the look of his dunks it’s not hard to believe.

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Stephon Holm Vertical Jump Height

Stephon holm is a professional high jumper who at his peak is believed to be a member of the exclusive 50 inch vertical jump club.

Daniel Kabeya Vertical Jump Height

Daniel Kabeya might be the highest jumper in the world at the moment. This kid has a legitimate 50 inch vertical jump.

Just look at how high he gets his head above the rim.

Haneef Munir (Young Hollywood) Vertical Jump Height

Haneef Munir aka Young Hollywood is another vertfreak with a 50 inch vertical. Munir is only  5'10 tall and can kiss the rim. 

Doug Thomas Vertical Jump Height

Here is one of the highest vertical jumps ever recorded on camera. Watch Doug Thomas rise up to touch the height of the top of the backboard at 13 ft.

We hope that you enjoyed our roundup of some of the highest vertical jumps ever recorded.

Although it is hard to say who has the highest vertical jump ever it is obvious that many people in the world share this amazing leaping ability.

Some of these people are genetically gifted and others choose to follow a proven vertical jump training program to achieve their massive hops.

If you are not genetically gifted like the guys featured in this post you are going to have to work hard for your hops!

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