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Whether you are just starting out on your journey of achieving a higher vertical jump for sport specific reasons or just need to add a few inches to achieve your first dunk, our 100% FREE Rapid Vert Gainz  vertical jump mastery course is the perfect solution for you.

Rapid Vert Gainz DOES NOT CONTAIN B.S marketing hype and gimmicks.

This course is jam packed with proven exercise science based jump development techniques that really work!

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  • THE SECRETS TO UNLOCKING YOUR VERTICAL JUMP POTENTIAL without the need to gain additional strength or quickness
  • PRO ACTIVATION & POTENTIATION EXERCISES that can add instant inches* to your vertical jump height
  • Learn the jump training secrets used by pro athletes to rapidly improve nervous system activation, jumping technique, form, flexibility & tendon reactivity

Forget the boring old school vertical jump training program pdf's. This state-of-the-art jump mastery course can be viewed on any computer or smartphone with an internet connection!

Enroll in this course now, follow the step-by-step lessons and you will have the opportunity to add significant inches to your max vertical jump height.

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Finally, A FREE Vertical Jump Training Program/Course that gets instant* results...

free vertical jump training program

“I was surprised that some of these exercises actually do work instantly. I really like to use the P.A exercises before basketball games. They give me a nice boost. I have added around 4 inches to my jump over the last week using the tips from the Rapid Vert Gainz course...”

We have created an innovative and fast acting vertical jump optimization system that will allow you to achieve significant vertical jump improvements without having to spend months in the gym lifting weights or learning complex plyometric routines*

Rapid Vert Gainz is a no-nonsense science based  jump optimization system that get's results FAST

The methods used in this course can be applied to ANY SPORT that requires a higher vertical jump.

The streamlined design makes it super easy to follow, which means you can START TAKING ACTION IMMEDIATELY!

By following the Rapid Vert Gainz course you'll get the 3 following benefits plus much more...


Learn How To Make Your Calf Muscles & Achillies Tendons More "Springy"

This free vertical jump training course will teach you simple pro jump hacks that will turn your tendons into explosive elastic bands. You will also learn how to absorb landing forces and transfer them into VERTICAL BOUNCE.


Learn How To Activate Your Jumping Muscles For Max Explosion

In this course you will learn innovative vertical jump optimization techniques that will show you how to activate your nervous and muscular system for MAX EXPLOSION.


Learn How To Optimize Jump Technique And Take-Off Like A Pro

Our free Rapid Vert Gainz course will show you how to REWIRE YOUR BODY and master your vertical jump technique plus we'll even give you some sneaky pro tips that can give you greater max reach.

In This Free Vertical Jump Training Guide You Will Also Learn:

  • The #1 Exercise to improve your 2 foot jumping explosiveness
  • Exercises that Prime your posterior chain muscles For Max Explosion
  • Exercises to increase tendon elasticity
  • How To Activate Jump Specific Motor Patterns and Rectify Muscle Imbalances
  • Stretching exercises that can improve jump height and max reach Immediately
  • Pro P.G.C exercises that stimulate the muscles involved in jumping
  • An innovative exercise that trains A Major Jumping muscle Located In Your Foot
  • Exercises that maximise triple extension throughout the jump movement
  • Exercises that Optimize the mind and muscle connection Through Deep Visualization
  • How to release The Hip Flexors For Greater Hip Extension ROM
  • How To Optimize Foot Arch & ankle stability  For A Higher Jump
  • 1 Thing You Can add Inside Your Shoes That Will Add Instant inches To Your Jump Height
  • How to perfect landing & maximizing "bounce"
  • How to couple the lower abdominals with the hip Flexors for greater Force production
  • 1 Thing That You can Consume that Is Scientifically Proven To Boost Power & add even more inches to your jump 
  • Dunk specific jump tips

Plus much more...

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*The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.  You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs.

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