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The Flying In Four jump program is the brainchild of two of the most respected vertical jump trainers in the business. 

However, have they been able to convert their knowledge and experience into package that can compete with the state of the art vertical jump programs that have recently entered the market.

Keep reading our ultimate Flying In Four review to find out...

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Does Kelly Bagget's and Alex Moroko's Jump Program Live Up To The Hype? 

Flying In 4 Jump Program Review Summary

Product Name:

Flying In Four/Flying In 4 

Product Type:

Vertical Jump Program: Online E-Book & Video Series


PRODUCT NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Recommended Alternatives:


Flying in Four failed to live up to expectations and has subsequently folded and no longer is for sale. Although the product was surrounded by hype the product was never able to compete with the content quality of leading programs jump programs.

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Flying In 4 Jump Program: Don't Believe The Hype

The Flying in 4 Vertical Jump Program has created quite a stir in the jump industry lately.

Many people (mainly those selling the program) have stated that this program is the leading vertical jump program on the market.

We naturally assumed that this talk is purely marketing hype.

With all of this chatter and no solid evidence to back it up we knew we had to thoroughly investigate the program on behalf of the Vertical Jump World community.

So began our journey to undertake an epic Flying in 4 Review.

"We hope you find our honest and comprehensive Flying in Four review and product comparison helpful in allowing you to decide what truly is the very best jump program for you. We simply lay out the facts so you can make an educated decision"

Who Created the Flying in 4 Jump Program? Credibility Check

The first stage of our Flying in 4 review was to investigate who created the program. After all, we would never recommend a program that is not developed by a credible author.

We were extremely surprised and excited to find out that Flying in Four was created by original “Vertical Jump King” Kelly Bagget and basketball training specialist Alex Moroko. For those of you who are unaware, Mr Bagget is a world-renowned vertical jump coach to thousands of athletes around the world.

He has produced a number of vertical jump resources in the past including the now super outdated Vertical Jump Bible and underwhelming Boingvert.

Unfortunately Mr Baggett has failed to sharpen his program design/development skills this time around, as when compared to the bland Vertical Jump Bible PDF the Flying in 4 jump program does not offer much of an improvement.

Unfortunately we had hoped that Alex Moroko would help add a modern touch to the program.  

Well, in certain aspects he did, but was still unable to revolutionize the Vertical Jump Program game as he had hoped.

​Author Kelly Baggett In His Prime

Flying In Four Jump Program Fails To Deliver

There is no doubt that Kelly Bagget has an incredible passion for helping people to improve their vertical jump.

Flying in Four is obviously an amalgamation of all of Mr Baggett's years of personal study and training.

The problem is that he has failed to harness his knowledge and convey it to the reader in an intuitive and engaging format.  

"Although Flying In Four is professionally presented and easy to follow the information comes across as nothing more than the same generic vertical jump principles that were popular a decade ago"

If you are looking for a program based on the latest cutting edge vertical jump training research you will be much better off choosing a more professional and polished jump program such as The Jump Manual or super popular Vert Shock. 

What is Included in the Flying in 4 Vertical Jump Program?

The next stage of our Flying in Four review was to investigate the quality of the content included in the program.

I am sure you will agree that this program seems to offer some exciting never seen before features.

The problem is that these "technical innovations" are nothing more than access to a library of demonstration videos and workout instructions.

These are simply standard additions that we have come to expect in any vertical jump program worth it's grain of salt.

To be honest the lack of technological innovations included in Flying In Four do not set this program apart from the other vertical jump programs on the market.

In fact, most aspects of this program pale in comparison

To be more precise here is exactly what is included in the Flying in 4 System:

A Closer Look Inside The Flying In Four Jump Program...


Component 1: Flying In Four Program Manual Review

Many jump trainers claim that this book is the new "gold standard" of vertical jump training and is a extension of Kelly Baggett's previous work, The Vertical Jump Bible.

The Flying In 4 Program Manual contains 3 separate workout programs (each of 28 days in duration). You complete these 3 separate programs back to back making the total program a length of 12 weeks. The author claims that you can gain around 12 inches on your vertical jump in this time.

The program is designed to help you learn how to dunk a basketball.

In this phase of the program the author helps you first establish a strong physical foundation and then quickly moves onto the short term vertical jump training techniques to really get the ball rolling.

Component 2: The Flying in Four Exercise Video Database Review

The area of video demonstration is a common downfall of many of the vertical jump programs we have reviewed in the past. Flying in 4 has unfortunately also fallen into this trap.

Flying In 4 has delivered a satisfactory video series at best. The creators have done a conscientious job of including detailed yet easy to follow explanations of every exercise yet they lack the punch that the leading vertical jump programs deliver.

Unfortunately the content itself fails to deliver anything that you haven't heard before from other generic jump programs or free videos on youtube.

If you decide to purchase the Flying in 4 Program today you will gain instant access to the exclusive video database.

"Unfortunately our Flying In Four review has revealed that this program has failed to live up to the hype and has delivered a sub-par vertical jump program"

Component 3: The Truth About Jumping: Athletic Confessions With Alex Maroko Review

Simply load this mp3 audio book in your favourite smartphone or mp3 player and enjoy these insightful tips from world renowned trainer Alex Maroko.

Like Kelly Bagget, he is also a specialist in vertical jump enhancement.

In this component of the Flying in Four program you will learn the how to jump higher. These are not included in the book so be sure to listen to this audio component if you do decide to purchase.

Component 4: Stretch Your Vertical- Strategic Stretching For Jumping


This component incorporates a simple yet effective 9-minute vertical jump stretching routine. These innovative stretches are designed to mobilize and activate the ”jumping muscles”.

Alex Maroko and Kelly Baggett claim that they use these techniques to help their clients to add several inches to their vertical jump. Not only do these stretches help you "get up” instantly but they also help increase your speed and improve flexibility.

This program claims that it will also drastically increase your speed, increase your flexibility and may also help prevent injuries.

We believe that this is a vital yet often overlooked component of many vertical jump programs and were happy to see it included.

The Flying In Four Jump Program does a nice job of incorporating a mobilization routine however it still fails to innovate to the level of leading programs.

Component 5: Jump USA 15% OFF Lifetime Coupon

Now this component is very cool indeed. If you purchase the Flying in Four jump program today UPDATE: PROGRAM NO LONGER AVAILABLE you will gain access to Jump USA athletic superstore. Best yet you will receive a massive 15% off of their impressive range of vertical jump training equipment, for Life!

Component 6: The 28-Day "Sweet Feet" Speed Program


In this component Alex Moroko shares his 28 Day “sweet feet” speed training secrets that he usually reserves for his pro athletes. During our Flying in Four review we were very impressed by the quality of this speed training component.

This book contains workout data, quickness training, acceleration training, shock training routines and more weight training workouts for a higher vertical jump.

If you want to improve your b-ball game quickness then this program is worth checking out.

Unfortunately, we are rating vertical jump programs not quickness programs so this pro didn't help boost our Flying In Four Review Rating.

Component 7: "Eating For A Bigger Vertical Jump" with Kelly Baggett

When we started the Flying in Four review we, as always, investigated the nutritional component of the program.

If you are one of our valued readers then you would understand the immense value of losing weight for increasing your vertical jump height.

After all, the secret to jumping higher is all about optimizing your power/weight ratio.

The Jump Manual has always set the bar high in this area with it's helpful insight in how to get shredded up while still maintaining or gaining strength and explosive power.

So does the Flying In Four program match the quality of the Jump Manual in this regard.

Unfortunately no, not quite. It does offer some valuable tips but again they lack real world application.

In this exclusive audio report you will learn 8 diet rules to help you get shredded over the course of the program. 

His "No C's Rule" is quite a controversial topic however it seems to working out very well for his clients. He also includes some helpful info on what to eat before,during and after workouts to ensure optimal vertical jump results are achieved.

This component can be downloaded instantly and listened to on your favorite mp3 playing device. 

If excess weight is an issue be honest with yourself and address it before embarking on your vertical jump journey. Get rid of the extra fat by sticking to a proven science based diet and you will be amazed at how much this alone can improve your vertical jump.

How Does Flying in Four Compare to Other Jump Programs?

Flying in Four offers a generic and somewhat outdated approach to vertical jump training.

The authors have done a satisfactory job at incorporating everything you need to know about jumping higher in one program. Although the program is made by world class jump trainers the program does not offer the opportunity for one on one coaching like other leading vertical jump programs such as the Jump Manual.

If you just want a program that you can easily complete at home or in the gym then Flying in Four jump program should help you increase your vertical.

However the proverbial bar of vertical jump programs has been raised by programs like The Jump Manual and Vert Shock.

So why pay the money for Flying in Four when you can get so much more quality content for less in these other more effective Jump Programs? 

Our Final Flying in Four Review Verdict

Kelly Bagget and Alex Moroko claim that you can add 6, 8, 10 or even more inches to your vertical jump by using the Flying In Four program. Last time we saw this product it was sold for $197. However at the time of our Flying in Four review we were pleased to see that the complete program and all bonuses are available for just 2 payments of $47 (Limited Time Offer). Even at this reduced price the program still feels way over priced.

The program is available for instant download so you can start today (Important Update: Product No Longer Available).

Flying In Four is a jump program created by world class trainers which has failed to live up to the hype. It has been designed to take absolutely anyone (no matter how poor genetics they have) and significantly improve their vertical jump, yet fails to engage the reader like other best selling jump programs such as Vert Shock do so well.

Kelly Bagget and Alex Moroko have unfortunately failed to effectively incorporate their extensive experience into this program. I encourage all of our valued readers to at least take a look at other more comprehensive vertical jump programs before diving in and purchasing the Flying In Four program. 


The Good Stuff:
  • Decent Video Series
  • High Quantity Of Bonus Gifts
  • Credible and Experienced Authors
The Bad Stuff:
  • Generic Content
  • Expensive Considering Content
  • Lack Of Evidence Based Principles

We hope that you enjoyed our Flying in Four review. If you have any questions please don’t hesitstate to ask. If you have had any experience with the flying in four program please comment below. We would love to hear your story. I’m sure our community readers would appreciate it too.

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