Top 7 Exercises To Jump Higher That Really Work🔥

Exercises To Jump Higher That Really Work: Top 7 Jumping Exercises Ever!

After hours of deliberating with the team we have finally come up with what we believe to be the top 7 exercises to jump higher. Some of these jumping exercises develop strength and power while others optimize reactivity and explosiveness. If you want to improve your vertical jump then start doing these 7 great jump enhancing exercises today.


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Train Hard! But Also Train Smart To Jump Higher

It is a well known fact that if you want to learn how to jump higher you must learn how to effectively incorporate jump specific exercises into your weekly routine.

In this post we will highlight what we believe to be the 7 best jumping exercises of all time and give some insight into how these exercises can help you jump higher.

However, just knowing which are the most effective exercises that will enable you to jump higher isn't enough.


Correct Exercise Prescription and Programming Is Vital For Achieving Vertical Jump Success. Jump Experts such as Chris Barnard provide a simple way to access a proven jump protocol

Correct Exercise Prescription Is The Key To Jumping Out The Gym

In order to optimize your vertical jump you must also learn how to effectively apply the correct loading, intensity and incorporate the correct rest intervals into your jump training sessions.

To help you out we have provided links to some of the best jump programs that we have reviewed which we believe effectively prescribe and program complex jump training principles.

Hopefully you will find this helpful in allowing you to find a proven and effective vertical jump program that suits your needs.

A quality and proven jump program offers a low risk, fool proof option for people who want to jump higher without doing hours of arduous research.

However, purchasing a vertical jump program is by no means necessary.

You can always take the following 7 jumping exercises and develop your own program using the helpful tips and found in our Ultimate Guide To Jumping Higher


The 7 Best Exercises For Jumping Higher


Best Jumping Exercise Number One: Trap Deadlift 

This exercise develops jump specific strength throughout the leg and core muscles.

Trap Bar Deadlifts are one of the best strength training exercises for jumping higher.

The Trap Bar deadlift allows the participant to keep the load closer to their centre of gravity than conventional deadlifts.

By placing the load closer to your centre of gravity you can generate greater load through the "jumping muscles" in a very jump specific manner.

Many tall athletes with long legs and a short torso's find the trap bar deadlift much more comfortable (and safe) than conventional deadlifts.

There are a range of Trap Bar's available for sale on Here are a couple of examples:

Trap bar deadlifts are one of world renowned jump trainer Chris Barnard's favourite jump training exercises.

His recently released jump program named The Flight System is full of innovative strength and power based jumping exercises.

If you love lifting weights and want to jump higher then be sure to check out his program. You can read our comprehensive review of The Flight System here.


We recently reviewed Chris Barnard's long anticipated jump program The Flight System. Read it here today!


Best Jumping Exercise Number Two: Depth Jumps

This exercise "shocks" the muscles and tendons into becoming more reactive and explosive

Depth jumps are one of the most effective exercises for jumping higher that you can ever incorporate into you jump routine.

The depth jump requires an athlete to drop off a box, land briefly , absorb the shock, and then immediately jumps as high as possible.

The idea is to minimize the landing period (or amortization phase) and maximize reactiveness.

This method is originally known as "Shock Training" (see VertShock review) and was popularised by the Soviet's back in the 1960's. has a range of Plyometric Boxes that are great for depth jumps at some of the best prices online. Here are a couple of examples:

Depth jumps are one of the most effective exercises to jump higher as they:

  • Stimulate the central nervous system to adjust to the demands of the stimulus
  • Enhances the efficiency of the stretch shortening cycle and myostatic properties of muscles and tendons.


We recently reviewed the super popular VertShock jump program. Read it here today!


Best Jumping Exercise Number Three: Dumbbell Squat Jumps

This exercise develops fast twitch muscle fibres and explosiveness in the lower limbs

Dumbbell squat jumps are an exercise for jumping higher that can seriously boost explosiveness.

If you read our How To Jump Higher Guide you would understand just how important it is to incorporate exercises that are specific to jumping when you want to increase your vertical.

Dumbbell squats stimulate improved fast twitch muscle activation when prescribed in the correct fashion.

Basically, effectively prescribed dumbbell squats improve the rate of force production in the leg muscles.

If you want to do this great exercise to jump higher at home a pair of adjustable dumbbells come in very handy. Here are a couple of examples on sale at

Every decent jump program that we have reviewed has incorporated this jumping exercise into it.

​Programs such as the all time best selling program The Jump Manual do a fantastic job of incorporating power exercises such as this and many other exercises to jump higher.


We  reviewed the all-time best selling jump program The Jump Manual. Read it here today!


Best Jumping Exercise Number Four: Bounding Jumps

This jumping exercise develops reactive abilities and efficiency of the stretch shortening cycle

Jumpsoles are sometimes used to add even more "shock" to depth jump training. Read our review to learn more about this controversial jump training product.


We recently reviewed the controversial Jumpsoles training equipment. Read it here today!

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Best Jumping Exercise Number Five: Barbell Squats

This exercise develops pure strength and jump specific explosiveness of the legs and core musculature

Squats are probably the best strength exercise for jumping that you can add to your training program.

Squats are usually added to a periodised jump training program in a fashion that first builds strength which then evolves into more explosive power.

Heavy load, low repetition and long rest intervals are used to enhance the body's neural and hormonal adaptions to the squat.

As the legs become stronger the weight can be dropped and the exercise can become more explosive.

If you work out from home utilizing equipment such as a power rack can allow you to really push yourself through the squat exercise in a safe manner. 

Here are a couple of power racks for sale on

Essentially squat training maximises the potential to derive greater vertical jump gains from power and plyometric training.

No program does a better job at correctly prescribing this evolotion from strength-power-plyo than the all-time best selling jump program The Jump Manual

Other programs such as BoingVert  and The Flight System have incorporated effective squat based periodization and programming into their jump training programs.

The correct prescription of jump specific strength and power training is as much an art as it is a science.

If you want to learn from the best jump experts on this concept be sure to get to know these top jump trainers.


We recently reviewed underground classic jump training program BoingVert Read it here today!


Best Jumping Exercise Number Six: Dumbbell Lunges

This exercise develops uni-lateral strength and stabilization throughout the lower limbs and core musclulature

Lunges are one of the best exercises for jumping that you can do to improve your ability to jump off one leg.

This exercise does a fantastic job at building strength through the hips while challenging the stabilizing muscles around the knee and ankle joint.

There is quite a high risk of injury when undertaking this movement, particulary when it strets to be prescribed in a explosive manner. 

We recommended following a program such number 2 and 4 on this list to learn how to incorporate these programs into your workouts safely and effectively.


We recently reviewed the current #1 jump program on the market (yes it's even more popular than the Jump Manual) Read it here today!


Best Jumping Exercise Number Seven: The Hang Clean

This exercise develops total body power that flows through the kinetic chain. Almost every muscle is primed to explode in this excellent jump exercise.

Out of all the olympic lifts hang cleans are the best choice of exercise for jumping higher

This complex movement improves the rate of force development in all of the major muscle groups used in the jump process.

As with most olympic lifts they come with a high risk and high reward.  

Always take your time when learning how to learn any olympic lift.

This program is our pick out of all the jump training programs for teaching you how to incorporate olympic lifts into your regimes.

If you love to get into the gym and lift heavy weights with the hope of one day throwing down a monster jam then you have got to check this program out.


Chris Barnard Head Strength Trainer At Strength Camp has recently released a program that reveals his training tips that allowed him to achieve an impressive 44 inch vertical jump. Lean More Here Today!

We hope that you enjoyed our roundup of what we consider to be the best 7 jumping exercises. If you have any opinions on what you believe to be the best exercises to jump higher than be sure to comment below. 


The team at Vertical Jump World are obsessed with optimizing their own vertical jump training and helping others to jump as high as humanly possible. We strive to continue to provide our valued readers with the latest high quality vertical jump related information, honest and comprehensive jump program reviews and access to jump training resources.