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➡️We pride ourselves on delivering the very best vertical jump program reviews and comparisons online. We show you inside the most popular jump programs and give our honest opinions on their pros and cons.  

Bounce Kit Review: In-Depth Look Inside Jordan Kilganon’s Updated Jump Program

In this comprehensive Bounce Kit Review we will determine if Jordan Kilganon’s jump program can compete with the current leading jump programs on the market. The release of a jump program created by the “greatest dunker in the world” has created a huge stir among the basketball community.  This really is exciting news for people […]

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The Complete Vertical Jump Training System Review (I Love Basketball Training): In-Depth Analysis

It has been a long time since a jump program release has been surrounded by as much anticipation as The Complete Vertical Jump Training System.Coach Rocky Ullah has enlisted the help of another big time trainer (Adam Linkenauber) in an attempt to develop a jump system like no other.We had high hopes for this jump […]

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The Flight System Review: Barnard’s Jump Program Rated & Compared

Th​is Flight System review will delve deep into the contents of th​e innovative new jump program ​​produced by the ​​lead trainer ​of the world renowned Strength Camp. We have been eagerly waiting the release of this new era jump program for some time now. After finally getting to have a look over the program we are excited […]

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Vert Shock Review: Full Breakdown and Comparison

I Finally Forked Up The Money To Buy The Latest Version Of Vert Shock Pro. But Was It Really Worth It?The incredibly popular vertical jump program Vert Shock continues to create a huge buzz online, particularly among basketball training communities.Let’s be honest, every basketball player wants to dunk right?  The pinnacle of “ballerness” is throwing […]

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