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Advanced Shock Training Principles: How To Use Vertical Shock Training With Shock Jumps

Yuri Verkhoshansky first coined the term “Shock Training” back in the 1960’s. His work played a defining role in defining the basic principles of the ​plyometric training principles used by today’s premier athletes.Box jumps are used in every one of the top vertical jump programs we have reviewed. Some trainers believe that the box jump […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Plyometric Training For A Higher Jump

Plyometric training must be included in your jump training workout if you really want to optimize your vertical jumping ability. Any respectable vertical jump program will emphasize the use of plyometric exercises in order to improve the participants vertical jumping ability.There is both an art and a science to effectively incorporating plyometric training into a […]

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7 Best Exercises To Jump Higher *They Really Work!* – Top 7 Jumping Exercises Ever

After hours of deliberating with the team we have finally come up with what we believe to be the top 7 exercises to jump higher. Some of these jumping exercises develop strength and power while others optimise reactivity and explosiveness. If you want to increase your vertical jumping ability then start doing these 7 jump exercises […]

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