Bounce Kit Review: In-Depth Look Inside Jordan Kilganon’s Updated Jump Program



BounceKit By Jordan Kilganon: Quick Review Summary

Currently Ranked #5 In The Top 10 Vertical Jump Programs

What We Like

  • Premium Video Demos      
  • Combined Weights & Plyo Exercises     
  • Created By Professional Dunker

Is Bounce Kit The Best Jump Program For You?

Bounce Kit is a 3 month long jump program which consists of a range of jump specific exercises broken up into 3 distinct phases.

Once you purchase Bounce Kit for $77 U.S you will gain access to your membership portal and program content.

We think the $77 price tag is a little overpriced when considering other long-term proven and respected jump programs offer significantly greater value and bonus gifts at a more affordable price.

You can compare all of the leading jump programs to Bounce Kit in this table.

The release of a jump program created by the "greatest dunker in the world" has created a huge stir among the basketball community.  

This really is exciting news for people who want to increase their vertical jumping ability and one day jump (and dunk) like Jordan Kilganon.


There is no doubt that Jordan Kilganon's vertical jump is very impressive.

However, one thing I have learnt from undertaking numerous jump program reviews in the past is that a person's ability to dunk does not necessarily mean that they can effectively teach others to do so.

So has Jordan Kilganon been able to effectively communicate the secrets of his own vertical jump success into a jump program for the masses? Can he teach you how to dunk a basketball like a pro dunker?

Let's find out as we proceed in our epic Bounce Kit Review (lifetime edition).


Since throwing down his first dunk at the age of 16 Jordan Kilganon has gone on to achieve an impressive 50 inch vertical jump. 

So what is the secret to his vertical jump success?

Can we attribute Jordan Kilganon's amazing vertical jump to his jump training regime or is he just another vertical jump freak who could dunk without ever stepping foot in a gym?

This Bounce Kit review will take a look inside Jordan Kilganon's jump training workout and highlight some of the pros and cons of the program.

Does Bounce kit 1.1 contain the quality and proven results we have come to expect from current leading jump programs such as The Jump Manual or Vert Shock 

Let's find out...

"We hope you find our honest Bounce Kit review and product comparison helpful in allowing you to decide what truly is the very best jump program for you. We simply lay out the facts so you can make an educated decision"

We Like

  •  High Quality Video Production
  • Combination of Weights/Plyo and Power Training
  • Quality Exercise Demonstrations

We Don't Like

  • Uninspiring Presentation
  • No Justification of the Chosen Exercise Training Principles.
  • Little Emphasis on Dunking and How to Apply a Higher Vertical Jump in a  Basketball Specific Manner. Check out T.C.V.J.T.S If you are a basketball player who wants to jump higher
  • Poor Bonus Gifts and Information on Important Topics such as Diet, Recovery etc That Most leading jump programs Do So Well.
  • Overpriced when considering the content included
Bounce Kit falls short in the quality of content provided when compared to most well respected jump programs. 

We can't help to feel as though the program was rushed and somewhat incomplete.

Save your money. There are better ways to learn how to jump higher.

Bounce Kit Review: What Is Included In The Bounce Kit Jump Program?

Bounce Kit is a 3 month long jump program which consists of a range of jump specific exercises broken up into 3 distinct phases.

Once you purchase Bounce Kit for $77 U.S you will gain access to your membership portal and program content.

We think the $77 price tag is a little overpriced when considering other long-term proven and respected jump programs offer significantly greater value and bonus gifts at a more affordable price.

The Bounce Kit jump program is delivered via a WordPress based membership portal similar to most other leading jump programs.

bouncekit free download pdf

A screenshot of the Bounce Kit membership portal login page

More and more jump programs are delivering their content via the wordpress membership platform these days as it provides a secure way deliver paid content while also giving the buyer access via any online device.

Delivering content in this manner also protects the owners of the program from illegal downloads. So if you are looking for a free Bounce Kit download online then give up.

Gone are the days when jump programs could be downloaded in a simple PDF. These days state of the art jump programs like Bounce Kit contain interactive videos and exclusive content that make illegal downloads a thing of the past. If you are looking for a way to get the Bounce Kit program for free. You are out of luck.

A screenshot of the Bounce Kit welcome page with message from Jordan Kilganon

We were super excited to purchase our copy of Bounce Kit so that we could not only undertake our epic Bounce Kit review, but to also start applying any novel ideas to our own jump training routines.

Unfortunately, our excitement was quite quickly diffused as we watched an uninspired welcome page video message from Jordan Kilganon. 

His message lacked any sense of true passion to teach and at times it is quite hard to understand him through his mumbled speech. 

One thing that we have come expect from creators of Jump Programs is for them to become  a source of inspiration every time we login for a workout.

Alright so maybe we won't be overly inspired by Jordan Kilganon's approach to jump training.

We hoped that he could make up for the presentation shortfalls with pure quality content....

A Closer Look Inside The Bounce Kit Jump Program

Before heading over to the Bounce Kit Jump Program contents Jordan Kilganon advises that you read his "Before Starting" page.

Basically this page contains some general rules and tips to follow when using the program. It simply states that you shouldn't modify the program in any way and a few tips on how to minimise injury. Some of these statements are quite vague and seem to act as some sort of disclaimer. 

It seems as though Jordan Kilganon is not a certified trainer so be extremely careful when undertaking exercise advise. Statements such as "If you haven’t lifted before, you should start with lighter weights and less reps" may leave beginners feeling unsure of exactly what they should be doing. 

The gold standard jump program The Jump Manual does a better job at introducing the absolute beginner to jump training and therefore may be a better choice for the novice athlete.

There is also a section in BounceKit named "Notes" which gives a few more tips on how to follow the program. This very briefly discusses topics such as stretching for vertical jump gains and over-training.

Interestingly Jordan Kilganon states that this program "should be done in the off-season to receive the maximum results". Again this is quite a general statement as many jump programs have proven that by applying correct rest, recovery and nutrition protocols with effectively prescribed exercise programming significant increases in vertical jump can be made in-season.

One thing that we must remember is that Jordan Kilganon is a professional dunker.

He does not have to deal with co-current cardiovascular endurance work like basketball players must do all year round.

As he is not an accredited trainer, he seems uneducated on the correct prescription and programming required for in season specific basketball jump training.

For most players it is unreasonable to think that they are going to cut back on their basketball specific endurance work in order to dunk.

If you are after a program that can be completed during basketball season that incorporates weight lifting we suggest checking out The Jump Manual By Jacob Hiller.

If you are after a plyometric only (no weightlifting) jump program that has been shown to help people around the world significantly improve their vertical in only 8 weeks then definitely check out Vert Shock By Adam Folker.


Bounce Kit Workout Program Review

The Bounce Kit 1.1 Jump Program is divided up into 3 phases:

  • Bounce Kit Phase 1 (weeks 1-4): This phase involves 5 days of exercise and 2 days active rest (Thursday & Sunday). The phase involves a range of resistance exercises that are performed with 90-120 secs rest between sets. Days are broken up into specific target areas including a heavy leg day, core and jumping, upper body and core. The exercises prescribed are nothing revolutionary. Just the same old tried and tested vertical jump training exercises such as squats, deadlifts and bulgarian split squats. Reps remain low and weight heavy over the first 4 weeks. Unfortunately there are no tracking sheets included to test your vertical jump or record your progress. The volume of the very simple jump exercises begins to increase over the 4 weeks period. The program lacks justification of the load and volume used and their is absolutely no scientific referencing in the program. For a more professionally prescribed resistance based jump program check out The Flight System. It is designed by head strength coach at Strength Camp. He is a master in progressive overload and power training. Definitely worth checking out if you are serious about weight training for vertical jump gains.
  • Bounce Kit Phase 2 (Weeks 4-8): By week 5 the volume of the jumps has increased quite significantly. Rest intervals remain the same but the load has now dropped to around 70% of the one rep max. At this stage a few power exercises are introduced in sporadic fashion (olympic lifts).
  • Bounce Kit Phase 3 (Weeks 8-12): In this phase the load in the heavy lifts has dropped again, this time down to around 50% of 1rm. 3 rest days are now included. Plyometric training and "shock training" exercises are added to this phase. If you are after a program that derives great benefit from very well prescribed "shock training" you would be better off considering Vert Shock
jordan kilganon vertica jump program
jordan kilganon vertica jump program

A screenshot of the Bounce Kit Workout Video Selection Page

The workout videos are cleanly produced and easy to follow. The program seems to fail to provide any reasoning to why certain exercises were prescribed in a particular fashion.

While undertaking our Bounce Kit review we found this to be quite frustrating as other leading programs help you understand exactly how a particular phase helps the body adapt.  We have found that a more informative approach helps to promote exercise adherence over the entire program.

It becomes apparent why programs such as Vert Shock and The Jump Manual have remained at the top of the best vertical jump programs  list over the past few years.

Bounce Kit shows glimpses of what we would expect to see in a quality jump program but just can't quite compete with these more comprehensive jump programs.

Bounce Kit Bonus Tips Review

Other jump programs have absolutely spoiled us with high value bonus gifts at more affordable prices.

During our Bounce Kit review we were excited to see a Bonus Tips area.

Perhaps this is where the goodies are hiding... Nope.

We were disappointed to find the very same information that Jordan Kilganon sends out via the Bounce kit email series.

Worst yet, it is an obvious copy and paste job. As you can see below the information is lifted straight from the email series we had already once received from Jordan where he would send out a new tip every week. Note that it shows "Last week I told you......". Yep straight from the Bounce Kit email series and not even edited out!

A screenshot of the Bounce Kit "Bonus" section

It is the lazy and seemingly thrown together feel of this jump program that we believe makes BounceKit fall well short of the quality we have come to expect from the current leading jump programs.

When you compare this extremely underwhelming bonus section with some of the amazing bonus gifts that are provided by programs such as The Jump Manual the choice becomes obvious.

When we review jump programs we are used to seeing an abundance of helpful information on topics such as nutrition, recovery and other basketball specific technique applications.

To only get a paragraph worth of information on each topic was a huge let down.

Does Bounce Kit Work? Will Bounce Kit Help Me Jump Higher?

We are sure that if you follow Bounce Kit for the 12 weeks you will jump higher. However, why pay $77 dollars when you can purchase a more professionally prescribed jump program with many more great bonus gifts and information that will take your game to the next level.

Sure it is great to dunk in practice. But what is even better is dunking within a game.

Bounce Kit lacks basketball specific information that many find appealing about other programs.

Bounce Kit Alternatives: Bounce Kit Vs The Jump Manual Vs Vert Shock Vs The Flight System Vs BoingVert. Which Jump Program Is Best For You?

Choosing the correct Jump program for you is a massive decision that should not be taken lightly.

A poorly designed program can have you "spinning your wheels" or worst yet leave you susceptible to injury.  

To make your job of finding the best jump program for you we have conveniently reviewed and rated the most popular proven jump programs on the market. 

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