BoingVert Review: Can BoingVert Really Help Boost Your Jump Height?



BoingVert Vertical Jump Program: Quick Review Summary

Currently Ranked #7 In The Top 10 Vertical Jump Programs

What We Like

  • Premium Video Demos      
  • Based On The Latest Scientific Jump Training Principles
  • Huge amount of science based jump related reading content

Is BoingVert The Best Jump Program For You?

BoingVert contains heaps of great science based jump training information. For most people, probably too much. If you love to read and geek out on jumping sports science theory then you may love this jump program. Many beginners may find this system causes paralysis from analysis.

There are many better designed and much more engaging vertical jump programs out there on the market if you would like to improve your vertical jump fast.

You can compare all of the leading jump programs to the BoingVert Jump Program in this table.

BoingVert is a very interesting jump program, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, there seems to be a number of people on social media claiming that they have been able to jump higher with the help of the program.

However, there is very little information available online to verify their stories or even to gain an understanding of what the BoingVert program is all about.

In addition to this the BoingVert website is terribly designed and a nightmare to navigate.

However, you should never judge a book by it's cover, so I had to get my hands on a copy of BoingVert to take a closer inspection.

To finally set the record straight on this "mysterious" program I purchased a copy of BoingVert and put it to the test.

In this massive BoingVert review you will see exactly what is included in the program and how it compares to the best vertical jump programs currently available online.

Feature Photo Credit: C-Town Throw Down, by Erik Drost, licensed under CC BY 2.0 (modified from original)

What Is BoingVert?


BoingVert Overview:

BoingVert Animal provides a nice introduction to plyometric jump training. BoingVert monster incorporates science based training principles in an effective manner. Be prepared to do a lot of reading if you decide to purchase this program!

Unfortunately the program lacks the intuitive design that we love about other popular jump programs. BoingVert Animal and Monster feel very disjointed. Other programs do a much better job of combining their strength and plyometric components in a concise and engaging format.

Overall the program feels like a half finished work in progress.

I would definitely consider checking out these jump programs before purchasing BoingVert.

The Pros and Cons Of BoingVert

What We Like About BoingVert

  •  HD Quality Exercise Demo Videos
  • Only Requires 8 Weeks Commitment For Results
  • Excellent Exercise Demonstrations
  • Created by well respected and certified trainer
  • No Weights Needed (BoingVert Animal Only)

What We Don't like About BoingVert

  • Heavy Promotion Of Other Basketball/Fitness Related Products Within The BoingVert Membership Section
  • Very difficult to navigate and use when compared to other popular programs.
  • Bodyweight only "Animal" program lacks focus.

How Does BoingVert Compare To Leading Jump Programs? 

Popular jump programs that we have reviewed in the past have traditionally been very upfront with the actual content included in the program.

We usually have a pretty good idea of exactly what we are purchasing. 

For example:

Both of these programs creators are very transparent in their approach to marketing of the program. However in contrast to these quality vertical jump programs, BoingVert is shrouded in mystery.

From the website to online videos, it is extremely difficult for anyone to find out exactly what BoingVert is.

Most people are exposed to the program through the BoingVert $7 offer via YouTube videos, which are very outdated and no longer available.

It is also very difficult to track down any legitimate and certified BoingVert reviews and testimonials online. 

I am here to finally reveal the curtain on this enigmatic jump program.

To ensure we deliver the best BoingVert review online I have purchased, tried, tested ALL VERSIONS of the BoingVert System.

So can BoingVert live up to the hype and help you increase your vertical jump or is this program all "smoke and mirrors?

Keep reading our epic BoingVert review to find out...

What Will I Learn In This BoingVert Review?

In this thorough BoingVert review we will investigate the quality of content provided in the program while comparing it to other leading jump programs.

We will also show you inside the paid members area of BoingVert as we break down all components of the program individually.

Our goal when producing this epic BoingVert review was to go through with a "fine tooth comb" and uncover every aspect of this intriguing program.


"We hope you find our honest BoingVert review and product comparison helpful in allowing you to decide what truly is the very best jump program for you. We simply lay out the facts so you can make an educated decision"

Is BoingVert Legit and Can It Help You Jump Higher?

After numerous requests we are proud to present our readers with this ultimate BoingVert review.

BoingVert is a multifaceted vertical jump training system that is based on the latest scientific evidence in the field of jump enhancement.

However. although it is based on"scientific evidence" it lacks proper use of in text referencing (for those of you who geek out on these finer details).

Like any good jump program BoingVert aims to improve the important aspects of the vertical jump such as:

  • Improving jump skill and technique
  • Increasing landing absorption capabilities
  • Enhancement of power transfer time in ground support phase of a plant and jump to a maximum force development.
  • Optimization of transition time between eccentric and concentric actions 

To determine if BoingVert is legit we investigated the clinically supported research that the program is developed on and are happy to say that it checks out.

The team at BoingVert are so confident in their program that they guarantee results within the first 4 weeks or they give you your money back.

We love it when authors stand by their products by offering a significant guarantee so readers can begin their journey of learning how to jump higher in a risk free manner.

However such a guarantee is not exclusive to BoingVert as many of the leading jump training systems provide this same piece of mind.

So lets take a closer look at exactly what BoingVert is....

What Is The BoingVert Program?

BoingVert Blastoff is actually a 2 Part System which consists of the Animal and Monster Programs (both can be purchased separately or as a package).

BoingVert Animal is essentially a weight free plyometric jump program. You don't need any vertical jump training equipment for this program.

BoingVert Monster is essentially a strength and power training program that requires lifting of heavy weights.

BoingVert is assumed to be designed so that BoingVert Animal and Monster can be followed individually or at the same time.


Unfortunately the authors have failed to sufficiently explain how to best use these programs either co-currently or back to back.

Regardless of this issue, the sum of the two programs aim to improve the force absorption capabilities of landing from a height.

In fact BoingVert has incorporated certain scientific principles that increase landing absorption up to 8 times one's body weight. These principles are very much like those that proven programs such as the Jump Manual are based on.

The developers of BoingVert claim that their exercises are unique however we found that most of the effective vertical jump exercises are also found in many of the leading jump programs.

At the end of the day these exercises can be found all over the internet.

However with this said, the true art and science of jump training lies in the exercise prescription and programming.

As you will find out further along in this BoingVert review the science based prescription principles of Boingvert are excellent however it is the lack of intuitive workflow and professional design that sees this program fall short when compared to class leaders such as Vert Shock and The Jump Manual.

The BoingVert system also emphasizes development of speed of movement. The BoingVert jump-specific tasks are designed to have the participant produce force in a  very limited amounts of time.

Jump height is ultimately determined by the velocity our bodies are able to attain at takeoff.

If you read our Ultimate Guide To Jumping Higher you would know that speed is of much greater importance than strength for the attainment of a higher vertical in most beginner athletes.

This is the reason why so many people are achieving impressive jump results on speed based plyometric programs such as Vert Shock.

The BoingVERT Animal program engineered to increase the speed with which you take off when you jump.

In fact this approach to jump training puts BoingVert Animal in direct competition with leading speed and plyo based program Vert Shock

BoingVert claims that their unique approach is that they focus on speed, and then strength. This is true only if you purchase both the Animal and Monster programs.

However, what we found is that there's a disconnect between the two programs.

In our BoingVert review we were pleased to see that the program emphasizes development of the correct jump-specific movement patterns.

There is some great advice in the BoingVert manual that can really help develop vertical jump mastery.

These tips and tricks help stimulate the neuromuscular system into learning proper jump movement patterns.

Maximal effort jumping plays a major role in BoingVERT Jump System.

So if you do decide to follow the BoingVert system be prepared to "BRING IT" every rep of every session.

Who Created The BoingVert Jump System? Credibility Check

The BoingVert Jump Program is created by respected vertical jump trainers Shawn Myszka and Kelly Bagget.


Shawn Myszka

Shawn Myszka (MS, PES, CSCS*D) is the Pro Performance Director of Explosive Edge Athletics in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he works directly with pro athletes in the development of sports performance. 

Shawn is a former competitive bodybuilder who specializes in power development.


Kelley Bagget

Kelley Bagget is the creator of the BoingVert Animal component of the program. You may know Kelley Baggett as the creator The Vertical Jump Bible.

Mr Bagget has operated gyms in Texas and Arizona and has been coaching and researching vert training techniques for over a decade. 

What Does It Look Like Inside Of The BoingVert Jump Society Program?

After you purchase the program you are sent an email by BoingVert support with a link to access the BoingVert Login page.

BoingVert Login Page

Once you login to the BoingVert Society with your specific details you will gain direct access to the BoingVert download.

In our case we purchased BoingVert lifetime so we have access to all products.

BoingVert Membership Portal 

We found the layout of the BoingVert program to be much more difficult to navigate when compared to proven programs such as The Jump Manual and VertShock.

The Jump Manual Member Portal

The Jump Manual Provides Opportunity To Follow The Program In a Seamless Fashion

Our Final Rating

Vert Shock Member Portal

VertShock Offers an Easy To Follow Video Based System Which Is Great For Visual Learners  

Our Final Rating

What Is The Difference Between BoingVert Animal, BoingVert Monster and BoingVert Lifetime?

Want To Learn The Difference Between The 3 BoingVert Package Options? Watch The Official Video


BoingVert Complete Program Breakdown

BoingVert Animal Review:

BoingVert Animal Login Page

BoingVert Animal Download Page

BoingVert Animal is a 16 week 4 phase program that requires no weightlifting.

It is based on plyometric jump training and bounding with an emphasis on speed and maximal effort. 

Once you purchase BoingVert Animal you can download The BoingVert PDF philosophy and the BoingVert pdf Workout Log. Basically the Philosophy pdf justifies the principles used in the log. 

Unfortunately there is a disconnect between the theory and workbook which is not an issue with other quality jump programs on the market.

Here are a few of the most important things you will learn in BoingVert Animal Philosophy PDF:

  • Correct jumping technique
  • How to land/plant/absorb force correctly
  • How to transfer horizontal forces into vertical forces
  • How to optimize speed of movement
  • Why BoingVert animal can improve your jump height without weight training (To learn more about this topic see our guide on How To Jump Higher Without Weightlifting)
  • How to prime the nervous system for jumping
  • Optimization of relative power capabilities
  • Key muscle groups used in vertical jump
  • Gender specific jump training tips
  • The role genetics play in vertical jump height
  • How to prepare your mind for jump training
  • Basic diet tips 

A Closer Look At The BoingVert Animal Exercises

The BoingVert exercise videos are definitely the highlight of the program and stand up to the quality we have come to expect from other video based vert training programs.

The exercises are explained in an easy to follow manner and descriptions are short and succinct.

Some of the exercises you will perform in BoingVert Animal include:

  • Pistol Squats
  • Single-Leg Balance Touchdowns
  • Eccentric Lunges 
  •  Good Mornings etc 

Print off the BoingVert workout pdf and follow the exercises day by day.

The system comes with some vertical jump testing tips that are quite helpful.

BoingVert Animal Vs Vert Shock: Battle Of Plyometric Only Programs

Basically if you are after a weightlifting free jump program it comes down to 2 choices BoingVert Vs Vert Shock. Both programs offer very similar prescription of exercises and potential results.

BoingVert Animal is cheaper at only $17 (as opposed to $134 for Vert Shock) but lacks the easy to follow engaging and professional nature of Vert Shock which keeps you coming back day after day.

We believe this is a compelling factor to consider when purchasing a jump program.



BoingVert Monster Review:


BoingVert Monster is an Intense 11 week, 4 phase weight lifting program based on eastern european training methods.

Like BoingVert Animal the Monster program also consists of a BoingVert pdf outlining the philosophy and a workout log.

While undertaking our BoingVert review we were quite disappointed by the poor amount of theoretical information provided in the Monster pdf considering this is promoted as a scientifically based program.

Monster also comes with a pdf outlining some helpful tips on how to lose weight and how this can help you jump higher. 

But again it only scratches the surface.

A Closer Look At The BoingVert Monster Exercises


Monster includes a range of helpful and well demonstrated exercise videos.

Some of the exercise you will complete in this program include things like 

  • Ankle Jumps
  • Altitude Drops 3
  • Body weight Isometric Squat
  • Bulgarian Squat
  • Walking lunges etc

BoingVert Monster comes with a nice pre-season testing regime and is then broken down into four distinct phases including:

  • Phase 1 Adaptation & Activation(2 Weeks Duration)
  • Phase 2 General Strength (3 weeks duration)
  • Phase 3 Max Strength & Power (3 weeks duration)
  • Phase 4 Max power(3 weeks duration)

BoingVert Monster Vs The Jump Manual: Is BoingVert Good Enough To Compete With The G.O.A.T Jump Program?

Monster does a great job of prescribing a systematic and progressively overloaded jump training regime. The exercise demos are also great.

However the lack of compelling and engaging features holds this program back from been able to compete with programs such as The Jump Manual.

At the end of the day you will need to buy both Boing Vert Animal and Monster to see significant improvements in your jump height.

Rather than spend $79 on a disjointed program you will be better off considering a polished all in one program.

One of the best value for money all-in-one system is the Jump Manual. The author of the program Jacob Hiller has maintained his status as the world's leading jump trainer over the past 10+ years and has continued to develop the program.

Perhaps in the future BoingVert can compete with the big dogs of the industry but unfortunately right now it falls short.


BoingVert Lifetime Review

The third option when purchasing BoingVert is the BoingVert lifetime option. Lifetime option does make Boingvert a much attractive purchase.

This option is more expensive at $79. However the lifetime option includes both Animal and Monster and lifetime upgrades of all BoingVert products plus the following extras:

The BoingVert App


The BoingVert App provides access to all exercise videos. This app is compatible with both  Apple and Android. The BoingVert app allows you to monitor your progress with before and after testing logs. We love the fact that you can also track your workouts day to day.

You can also directly access BoingVert support through the app.

Basketball Brain Review


When you purchase BoingVert lifetime you get full membership to basketball brain.

Basically this is an online sports psychology program that can help you get your mind right for basketball success.

You will learn things like emotional control and how to develop supreme confidence.


10% off all BoingVERT apparel

Full breakdown of your jumping technique

Access to BoingVERT's Jump Form Series

Access to BoingVERT's Don't Get Tired Program

The BoingVert Review Verdict

We give BoingVert a thumbs up, however the program still leaves a lot to be desired. 

Where To Buy BoingVert? 


Shawn Myszkas's BoingVert jump program is available for purchase as an instant download from the official website (See button below).

All payments are processed through PAYPAL's secure payment system.

Here is a screenshot of the checkout page...


BoingVert Review Frequently Asked Questions?

UPDATE: Since the time that we published our BoingVert review we have received many questions from our readers regarding the BoingVert program.

Therefore, to save time for the both of us we have decided to collate the most common questions we receive from our readers in the following F.A.Q list.

Oh, and If you are viewing on a mobile once you click a tab the answer will be displayed below all tabs!

Can I Still Get The $7 BoingVert Discount?

Yes, we have seen the advertisements for the BoingVert $7 offer. It turns out that this is very old pricing as the introductory Boingvert system Animal is now $27. 

These BoingVert $7 ads will continue to show on Youtube as they are embedded into the videos

Where Can I Get A BoingVert Free Download?

There is absolutly no point looking for a Boingvert free download. Even if you could get a copy of the BoingVert pdf it would make no sense as you wouldn't have access to the training videos and other resources.

Is BoingVert Worth It?

Is Boingvert worth it? Well that depends. The lifetime option provides peice of mind that you will get future updates. Unfortunatly as this is a new program it doesnt have the many years of development behind it like programs such as The Jump Manual have. If you are going to spend the money I would be more inclined to go with a highly rated program that can help you today.

Is BoingVert Legit?

There are many people complaining online that they havnt recieved their BoingVert product email. It is these reports that make people wonder is Boinvert legit. 

We had no issues with the purchase process and can report that it is a legit business with active support team.

Is BoingVert A Science Based Jump Program?

Although the program is promoted as a science based program we wouldnt say that BoingVert is good at referencing as we would expect from a scientific based program.

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