Our team continuously searches the vast reaches of the internet to find the very best vertical jump programs available for our valued readers.

Choosing a pre-packaged jump training program offers athletes an efficient, safe and effective method of learning how to jump higher directly from some of the most respected jump trainer's in the world.​


Roundup Of The Best Vertical Jump Programs Currently Available In 2017

We have comprehensively reviewed, rated and provided a comparison of the most popular jump programs to make it easier for our readers to find the right vertical jump program for them.

Below you will find a list of the very best vertical jump programs that we believe offer you an opportunity to learn how to jump significantly higher in a relatively short period of time.

On this page you will find a summary of the features and benefits of each program.

We have also provided links to our comprehensive reviews so you can learn more about any program that interests you. 

Here is a Quick Vertical Jump Comparison Table for those of you who are short on time (Each products is reviewed in greater detail below): 

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The Top 5 Vertical Jump Programs Quick Comparison Table

The Jump Manual


Rated: 4.7/5

- Best All-Round Jump Program

- Best Value For Money

Vert Shock


Rated: 4.5/5

- Best Plyometric Only Jump Program *UPDATE: Premium Resistance Training Add-On Now Available!

- Best Non-Resistance Training Based Jump Program

- Best Jump Program For Fast Results

The C.V.J.T.S

the complete vertical jump training system by coach rocky

Rated: 4.3/5

- Satisfactory In-Season Jump Program

The Flight System


Rated: 4.1/5

- Best Jump Program For Strength Focused Sports (eg. Rugby)



Rated: 3.5/5

-  Satisfactory Hybrid Strength/Plyo  Program

Find The Best Jump Program FOR YOU!

​Some of the following jump programs incorporate weight lifting while others primarily focus on explosive plyometric movements. 

Other hybrid style jump programs combine both resistance training and explosive plyometrics into their protocols.

Some of the following jump programs are more basketball specific while others are more generalised and can be applied to any sport.

Take your time to learn what each system offers so you can find the best vertical jump program that suits your specific needs and goals.


Vert Shock Now Offers An Add-On Strength Training Component That We Believe Rivals (& Exceeds) That Of The Jump Manual. You Will Have To Pay Over $40 Extra Though. However, We Must Admit, That This Add-On Is Very Impressive and Sure to Shake Up the Vertical Jump Training Industry. If You Can Afford It It Is Definitely Worth A Look. On The Other Hand If You Simply Want Value For Money The Jump Manual Is Hard To Beat.

To Purchase The Full Vert Shock System With Add On Follow The Following Instructions:

1) Purchase The Standard Vert Shock Program At A Discounted Price >>On This Page<<

2) You Will Then Be Given An Option To Purchase "PRO Complex Training Routines" Add-On

3) You Will Then Not Only Have Access To What We Consider To Be The Best Plyometric Program But Also An Incredible Periodised Weight Training Program To Go Along With It.

Learn From The Best In The Jump Industry

All of the following programs are created by respected vertical jump trainers, many of whom have spent many years developing and perfecting their jump training programs​.

Many offer exceptional bonus gifts and premium support services that can help ensure that you will increase your vertical jump.

It is also very common for any jump program worth it's grain of salt to offer generous money back guarantees if you don't happen to reach your jump goals.

Pre-packaged jump programs offer a proven low-risk opportunity for athletes to learn how to jump higher direct from the experts

Proven And Tested Exercise Prescription Protocols

These programs are developed as a foolproof way to improve your jumping ability. ​

Simply follow the author's tried and tested blueprint day in day out and you will succeed.

But remember, they simply show and tell you what need's to be done in order to improve your vert.

You still have to do the hard work and commit to the exercises consistently if you really want to jump higher.

It all depends on how bad you really want it!

​We hope you enjoy our list of what we consider to be the best vertical jump programs currently available

*This page contains a quick round-up review of the best jump programs. You will also find links to our full comprehensive reviews of each product on this page.

The 5 Best Vertical Jump Programs Reviewed, Rated & Compared: Vertical Jump Training Programs That Can Help You Jump Higher!


The Jump Manual By Jacob Hiller (Rated 4.75/5)

#1 Best Vertical Jump Program 


Product Name:

The Jump Manual By Jacob Hiller (Edition 2017)

Product Type:

Vertical Jump Program: Online E-Book & Video Series Plus Bonus Gifts


Currently Discounted: $235  Only $67 (Click Here To Learn More)



Ease Of Use


We Like

  • Proven formula
  • Premium Support
  • Based On Evidence Based Scientific Principles
  • Valuable One-On-One Coaching Available
  • Excellent Bonus Gift Set
  • Regularly Updated Content
  •  Guaranteed Results Or Money Back

We Don't Like

  • A few of the educational videos are of sub par quality (however still contain very valuable info)
  • Requires access to weights/gym  (Not made clear on sales page). Some people may find this misleading
  • Heavy weight-lifting schedule may cause significant delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) which may hinder in-season sports performance in the short term

We put the Jump Manual to the test> See Our Test Results Here

coach rocky jump program

​Prefer not to lift weights (required in Jump Manual) and potentially deal with muscle soreness but still get significant increases in jump height? Yes.. then be sure to check out the 2nd highest rated vertical jump program (See the VertShock Review below) in our breakdown of the best vertical jump programs available.


We have rated The Jump Manual the best vertical jump program for a number of reasons.

Everything You Need To Jump Higher

Firstly, no other vertical jump program does such a comprehensive job of breaking down each and every aspect of the vertical jump enhancement  process.

The Jump Manual is perfect for health and fitness geeks who love to know the theory and science behind the programs exercise protocols.

Author Jacob Hiller Makes The Complex Simple

The ​author does a great job at making complex science based topics easy to read and follow.

However, we have had feedback from some participants who believe that there is a little too much information to consume which sometimes leaves people feeling a little overwhelmed.

We enjoyed the level of detail that Mr Hillier has added to the program and this is a major reason why we have rated it the best vertical jump program currently available.

If you prefer a program that requires less reading, and focuses more on video presentation then be sure to check out our runner up program in this list (see Vert Shock review below).

The Vert Shock program is also a great option for those who don't have access to a gym or free weights.

Hiller Is A Likeable Character

Mr Jacob Hiller's experience and vibrant personality shine through in the Jump Manual. He is a joy to watch and inspires the viewer to get the most out of their sessions.

A Low Risk Opportunity To Jump Higher

The fact that Mr Hiller offers a full 60 day guarantee and promises that you will gain 10-12 inches on your vertical jump or your money back demonstrates his supreme confidence in the system.

Jacob Hiller continues to re-invest in his program to ensure the Jump Manual resources stay one step ahead of the competition.

After reviewing all of the best vertical jump programs on the market we are confident to say that this is the most comprehensive product available.

From the exclusive exercises to the premium support features and valuable bonus gifts this is definitely a must have vertical jump program for those serious about learning how to jump higher than ever before.

The quality of the content provided in The Jump Manual is simply remarkable. When also considering the incredible bonus gifts and premium support services this is definitely a superior option for those wanting to jump higher and get stronger. Jacob Hiller has done an outstanding job at remaining ahead of the game. 

Editor's Choice for Best Vertical Jump Program 2017




Important Update For Our Valued Readers:



Vert Shock By Adam Folker (Rated 4.5/5)


2nd Best Vertical Jump Program

Product Name:

Folker System Vert Shock By Adam Folker (Edition 2017)

Product Type:

Vertical Jump Program: Online E-Book & Video Series Plus Bonus Gifts


Currently Discounted 70% Off: $134 Only $67 (Limited Time Offer) (Click Here To See If This Offer Is Still Available)



Ease Of Use


We Like

  •  Very High Quality Exercise Demonstration Videos
  • Class Leading Support
  • No Gym/Weightlifting required
  • Very Simple To Follow And Apply
  • Only Requires 8 Weeks Commitment For Results
  • Enjoyable and Engaging Presentation and Design
  • UPDATE: Excellent Resistance Training Add-On Now Available

We Don't Like

  • Limited Science Based Reasoning and Explanation Of Concepts (If you prefer to know the "why" behind the jump training principles check out the Jump Manual review)
  • Heavy Cross Promotion Of Basketball Products Once Signed Up (they do sell some cool stuff though!)
  • Does Not Incorporate Weighted Resistance Exercises And The Principles Of Progressive Overload Which Limits Potential Gains In Vertical Beyond The 8 Week Program * Resistance Training Add-On Now Available

We put the VertShock to the test> See Our Test Results Here

coach rocky jump program

If you are after a jump training system that incoprporates weight lifting/strength training (and greater potential for continual gains in jump height) then we suggest checking out either the #1 The Jump Manual or # 3 The Flight System. These are by far the two best jump programs for those who want to get "under the bar" and move some serious weight. *IMPORTANT UPDATE: NOW THAT VERT SHOCK OFFERS A RESISTANCE COMPONENT ADD-ON WE BELIEVE THAT THIS IS NOW THE PREMIUM VERTICAL JUMP PACKAGE ON THE MARKET. WARNING: YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY AROUND $40 EXTRA FOR THIS ADD ON >>> LEARN MORE HERE


We have rated VertShock runner up for the best vertical jump program currently available for the following of reasons.

Pro Design and Content

Adam Folker’s Vert Shock Program is a visually pleasing jump program that is super easy to follow and apply.

Vert Shock incorporates the latest vertical jumping technology within an engaging and intuitive framework.

No Weightlifting Required

As this program requires no weight lifting it can be conveniently completed in the location of your choice. UPDATE: Weightlifting Add-On Now Available >> Learn More Here

Our team highly recommends this program to any basketball player who would like to significantly increase their vertical jump in only 8 weeks.

This jump program is purely based around plyometric, mobilization and stabilisation drills. Many other programs also incorporate weight training but not Vert Shock.

Weightlifting has been known to cause extreme delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). You know that feeling when you can't sit down the next day after a heavy squatting session.

DOMS are not an  issue during the Vert Shock program which therefore makes it a great choice for athletes who want to improve their jump during their regular season.

Become A Better Athlete

Vert Shock also develop quickness and general athleticism which will greatly benefit other aspects of your game.

We put Vert Shock to the test> See Our Test Results Here

Adam Folker's Vert Shock is a convenient and affordable option for athletes to increase their jump height in only 8 weeks.

This bodyweight only jump program can be completed in season without the worry of extreme muscle soreness which is common with other jump programs.

Vert Shock is a quality, proven program that is enjoyable to use

Editor's Choice for Runner Up In The Best Jump Programs Currently Available

The Complete Vertical Jump Training System By Rocky Ullah (Rated 4.3/5)


3rd Best Vertical Jump Program 

Product Name:

The Complete Vertical Jump Training System By Coach Rocky Ullah (Edition 2017)

Product Type:

Complete Vertical Jump Training System: Online E-Book & High Definition Video Series Plus Bonus Gifts


$197 ($584 Total Value)




Ease Of Use


We Like

  •  Quality Exercise Demo Video Production
  • Excellent Combination Both Resistant and Plyometric Exercises
  •  Well Explained and Easy To Follow Exercise Demonstrations
  • Created By Experienced and Credible Trainers
  • Caters For Both Beginners and Experienced Athletes 
  • Adam Linkenauger's Jump Technique Tips Alone Are Worth The Price Of Admission (This Is Where The Real jump GAINZ are made)
  • Very Basketball Specific 

We Don't Like

  • Heavy Promotion Of Other Basketball Training Related Products Within Sales Process and Email Communication
  • Limited Explanation Of The Science Behind The Specific Exercise Prescription And Programming Methods Incorporated. If You Like To Know The "WHY" You May Prefer The Jump Manual or Vert Shock.
  • Training Intensity Of The Program Was A Little Too Low For Our Liking Towards The Final Weeks Of The Program. If You Want To Get In The Gym And Perform Olympic Style Lifting You May Prefer A Program Like The Flight System
coach rocky jump program

Check out the entertaining video above to learn more about the evolution of The Complete Vertical Jump Training System

The Complete Vertical Jump Training System is one of the most comprehensive vertical jump programs released in recent years. Although the program lacks the professional graduated exercise prescription and programming of leading programs such as THE JUMP MANUAL it provides enough systemic stimulus to derive significant jump enhancement.  

The basketball specific nature of the program makes this a very entertaining and informative process for basketball players who want to take their game to the next level.

Official Complete Vertical Jump Training System Review




the complete vertical jump training system by coach rocky


The Flight System By Chris Barnard (Rated 4.1/5)


4th Best Vertical Jump Program

Product Name:

The Flight System by Chris Barnard (2017 Edition)

Product Type:

Vertical Jump Program: Online E-Book & Video Series 





Ease Of Use


We Like

  •  Premium Video Demos
  • Based On The Latest Scientific Jump Training Principles
  • Created By World Renown Vert Coach
  • Very Simple To Follow And Apply
  • Develops Each Aspect of the Vertical Jump Independently.
  • Concise and Entertaining Exercise Demonstrations
  • Unique Approach To Jump Enhancement

We Don't Like

  • Expensive When Compared to the Best Vertical Jump Programs That Offer Even More Quality Content
  • Extremely Demanding On The Body Which Could Potentially Lead To Overtraining If Done "In Season"
  • The Training Principles Incorporated May Increase Muscle Mass Which Could Be Counterproductive To Your Goals Of Jumping Higher.


A Unique Approach to Jump Training

The Flight System provides an innovative approach to jump training that particularly suited to people with a weight lifting background. 

Lacks Focus But Get's Results

Unlike other jump programs such as The Jump Manual and Vert Shock which have a obvious basketball oriented focus The Flight System is a little more open ended.

​Although it lends itself to improving vertical jump for dunking it does not do so in such a specific way as the aforementioned programs.

However, with this said this is a very minor issue as at the end of the day this program will increase your vertical if you put in the work. 

What you then go and do with your massive vert is upto you!​

Gotta Get Your Ass Under The Bar!

if you want to take on The Flight System challenge be prepared to work hard in the gym.

On this program you will do a range of power and olympic lifting.

Chris Barnard does a fantastic job of demonstrating these exercises through a HD video demo series.

DON'T  Want To Lift Weights? If you are after a proven weight lifting free jump program check out our Ultimate Vert Shock review.

Science Based Principles Plus

The Flight System does a fantastic job of incorporating the latest science based evidence in the field of jump training into the program.

If you enjoy learning about the theory behind why you are doing specific exercises you will enjoy this program.

Check Out Our Epic Review Of The Flight System Here>

The Flight System brings a fresh approach to jump training. We believe that this program would be particularly enjoyable for athletes who enjoy been in the gym and throwing around heavy weights.

With Mr Barnard's premium exercise prescription and programming skills you will be sure to succeed if you follow his plan word for word.

Editors Choice 3rd Place In The Best Jump Programs 2017





Recommended For You

Add up to 4 inches to your vertical jump today with these simple to apply pro jump hacks...

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BoingVert By Shawn Myszka (Rated 3.5/5)


5th Best Vertical Jump Program 

Product Name:

BoingVert Lifetime-Platinum Edition (Animal, Monster, Basketball Brain and Jump Form) By Shawn Myszka and Kelly Baggett (Edition 2017)

Product Type:

Vertical Jump Program: Online E-Book & Video Series Plus Bonus Gifts


3 Purchase Options 

  • BoingVert $7 Offer (as seen on Youtube no longer available)
  • BoingVert Animal = $17
  • BoingVert Monster = $27
  • BoingVert Animal + Monster+ Lifetime Updates + Basketball Brain + Jumping Form = $79



Ease Of Use


We Like

  • Excellent Video Demos
  • Excellent Exercise Demonstrations
  • Created By Well Respected, Experienced and Certified Trainer
  • No Weights Needed (BoingVert Animal Only)

We Don't Like

  • BoingVert lacks the quality add ons and support services we have come to expect from leading programs such as The  Jump Manual )
  • Once the product is purchased their is heavy promotion of other products such as fitness and weight loss programs which can get a little annoying.
  • The BoingVert program is much more difficult to navigate than the best 3 jump programs The Jump ManualVert Shock and The Flight System.


Shawn Myszkas Boing Vert Blastoff jump program offers a satisfactory option for people looking to puchase a quality jump program.

Unfortunately BoingVert does contain some great information but the unintuitive nature of the design makes it frustrating to navigate when compared to other programs.

BoingVert's Animal program is an attempt at a bodyweight only plyometric routine which includes some great exercises but falls short of leading programs like Vert Shock.

BoingVerts Monster component (sold seperatly) aims to build power and strength through weightlifting.

Unfortunately their seems to be a divide between the two components in BoingVert whereas programs such as the Jump Manual and The Flight System blend these components seamlessly.

We Recently Completed A Huge Review Of BoingVert Which Outlines Exactly What Is Included In The Program Plus More Pros and Cons > Read It Here

BoingVert is a great program but unfortunately fails to compete with other programs which offer so much more for a cheaper price.

BoingVert Animal provides a great introduction to plyometric based jumping. BoingVert monster incorporates science based training principles in an effective manner. 

Editors Choice 4th Place In The Best Jump Programs






Flying In 4 By Kelley Baggett (Rated 3.0/5)


#5 Best Vertical Jump Program 

Product Name:

Flying In Four/Flying In 4 

Product Type:

Vertical Jump Program: Online E-Book & Video Series


PRODUCT NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Recommended Alternatives:


Flying in Four failed to live up to expectations and has subsequently folded and no longer is for sale. Many people have asked us to compare Flying in Four to The Lost Breed Jump Program. We plan on doing a review of The Lost Breed Flight School jump program in the near future. Check back soon.

We hope that you enjoyed our roundup of the best vertical jump programs on the market. We are always updating this page with the very best jump programs so be sure to check back regularly.

 If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. If you have had any experience with any of these jump programs we would love to hear your story. I’m sure our community readers would appreciate it too.

Got a jump program you would like us to review? Let us know and we will do our best to complete a thorough test and review in the future.