Best Exercises For Bulletproof Hip Flexors & A Higher Vertical Jump

Why You Should Stretch & Strengthen Your Hip Flexors To Jump Higher

Many people think that doing hip flexor exercises will make your hip flexors too tight and weak, however as you learned from Ben Patrick "The Knees Over Toes Guy" this is not the case.

Ben states that it is important to get strong in both the stretch and flexed position by working through increased range with increased resistance over time.

Here are the top vertical jump training exercises for building bulletproof hip flexors:

  1. Weighted Hip Flexor Lifts 
  2. Nordic Hamstring Drops
  3.  Knee over toe split squats
  4. Quad Nordic Drops
  5. Slant-board drops
  6. Weighted Tibialis Lifts
  7. Slant board stiff leg deadlifts

If you want to learn how to jump higher you must be strong through the full range and have balance between both sides.

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