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Our team at have always believed in transparency on the web.

Therefore we are disclosing that on this site we’ve included links to products and as affiliates we will earn commission if visitors purchase products through these links.

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We apply the utmost integrity when choosing products to review and/or promote on this site and truly believe that these featured products will provide remarkable value to our visitors.

The commission we earn as affiliates enables us to continue doing what we are passionate about which is helping our readers learn how to jump higher.

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Product reviews and ratings found on this site are based on our own personal opinion formed from extensive market research and in most cases from personal experience with the product. 

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The following disclosure has been created to ensure is in full compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s policy that demands be transparent about any and all affiliate relations may have on this website.

As a visitor on this site please assume that any and all links on this site are affiliate links. Please be aware that if you click on these links a cookie will be placed in your web browser that will ensure we receive a commission if you decide to purchase a product on the linked website. would also like to fully disclose that the majority of hyperlinks within this site are shortened and cloaked in order to hide lengthy and unattractive/unprofessional looking links for functionality and tracking purposes. takes pride in running an honest and reputable online business are proud of our relationship with the quality vendors, products and services found on this site. Please rest assured that link tracking and url shortening and cloaking is an extremely common practice online. does not receive physical products or cash directly in exchange for any reviews or posts found on this site. To be more precise, absolutely no one has paid us to do reviews or posts. must disclose that it is possible that our reviews and posts are influenced by our affiliate relationships which may create a conflict of interest. do not believe that a conflict of interest exists as we honesty feature products that we believe will help our valued readers improve their vertical jump. However you the visitor ultimately must decide if you believe there is a conflict of interest by considering the information we have described in this disclosure.

Please enjoy your time visiting We hope you find the information on our site helpful in allowing you, our valued reader, to learn how to jump higher and dominate your sport of choice.

Good luck on your journey to a higher vertical jump.

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